Gears 5 Ranked Skins

I made it to masters and was wondering where, or when do we get our skins?

The countdown will be listed on the tour of duty screen :slight_smile:

Awards are given weekly (but some weeks are only exp).

Also congratulations on reaching Master Rank!

Thank you for the reply,

On what days are the weekly rewards passed out?


it is tuesday and i literally just got my masters rank, what am i suppose to be unlocking?? im looking at the tour of duty screen and i dont really see anything new. thank you

Some weeks just have exp, unsure about this week as the whole system is about to be reset.

does any1 know if at the end of the season u get all the ranked skins for all weapons from your rank ? im just asking in general

Only Torque Bow skins for now. (But they might give out more at the end of the season)


thx bro

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