Gears 5 rank system still broken

This rank system is so broken can’t believe it if I’m mvp and win 3 or matches in a row I get 30 points and if I lose one match takes 126 wtf so all that work for nothing I’m so FKN done with this headache game


It’s not broken dude
If you’re meant to climb you’ll climb
I went from bronze 1 to onyx 3 in a few days

Try working on your personal skill and you’ll climb.
It’s not supposed to be easy.

Not everyone will be a diamond/master

Not every gets a trophy.

Nope it’s broken my friends are diamonds and even them can’t get pass silver and u get de rank so much more then u gain if u win 4 matches in a row and getting mvp so u mean to tell me is okay to get 2 points after winning a match and getting the mvp with lots of kills and low deaths like 3 ??? Then getting 2 points for the match even tho I won 3 rounds and after that lost 1 match and wala got de rank by 126 points this makes no sense lol it’s broken beyond belief I’m not the only one other ppl can’t even get to onyx and there stuck in sliver or bronze and these ppl were onyx in gears 4 so yeah is broken and this will make more ppl not play this piece of chit game :face_with_hand_over_mouth: the game is so dead that I face the same ppl each day and all day back to back nobody seems to be on things just keep getting worser it chit doesn’t get fix this is one thing that gears 5 has wrong among other issues it has not to mention the pc version for nvidia still crashes on 1080ti gtx

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it is possible to get out of silver and bronze currently I just did it yesterday lol

its most likely because everyone including diamonds and masters ranks are playing in bronze and silver trying to get out of it. u and your friends are playing people that are better than you so youre struggling to get out of bronze and silver.

give it a few weeks and the diamonds and masters will be out of low tiers and will be easier to climb for you.

ps I play on pc on a 1080ti gtx and not once have I had a crash
sounds like youre just having bad luck my dude


There is still a bottleneck of players in Bronze and Silver just like at release. Once you grind out of Silver if you truly are an Onyx or Diamond player you will reach those ranks within a day of playing.


glad someone understands this haha

It’s not a matter of not understanding. I think most due. It’s just really dumb decision by TC that makes sense that no other video game in the history of rankings has ever made. By the time people get out they’ll do a reset anyways.

I got out of it yesterday that’s my whole point lol

sure everyone in bronze 1 isn’t an amazing choice but its def possible to climb

Good for you. Not everyone wants to keep grinding as much as you did just to get out of bronze or silver

I played for half a day…

nobody wants to admit they need to work on there own personal skill

It’s a new game and they literally just reset everyone’s rank data not even 2 months ago. The system doesn’t have enough data of previous seasons to accurately place people in the “correct” tiers. Yeah it sucks, but it sucks for everyone.

Lol people actually defending the most broken rank system in a game

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my thoughts are it is what it is.

enjoy the game and at the same time get better at it and youll climb,

very simple.

Not guaranteed you will climb at all but ok. And its way to slow to climb anyways. Your thoughts sounds like someone who has never played any other game released with a ranking system in the last 10 years

league of legends is just like this system.

getting passed silver is one of the hardest things to do because most of the player base is in this rank.

TC explained in the ranked video that it was just like this. once you get passed silver it gets easier to climb

Dude the fact they had to make an hour long video trying to explain a ranking system that’s been in games for years proves how broken it is in reality. It doesn’t work


Or TC just wants people to play lol

Well, I love the game and franchise, sometimes is a mix of love and hate, but deep inside it would be pure love. Nevertheless, I find somekind of ‘disrespectul’ to get so few ranking points.

I only play Escalation, and it seems that you get penalized for thinking and planning. You can’t play all the matches the same way, not all the matches you can get over 30 eliminations, sometime you can blow up a team in 5-0 and get degraded. Sometimes you win in solo against an organized team 5-4 and also get degraded…

I know there’s different system (different games, blabla), but in Gears 4, most of time I was Onyx in Escalation (playing solo), and now I barely reach Silver 3, then going down even to Bronze for 2 or 3 bad games, but all the good ones sum nothing.

I think that somethings should be tunned in the points given per type of game.

it’s a ranking system not a progression system

some players need to realize they simply aren’t skilled enough to be higher than Gold, Onyx or Diamond.

no, it just proves the impatience and entitlement that some of the Gears community has overall. I never see this amount of complaining done on other games especially when it comes to losing. blaming lag, blaming OP weapons is a constant across forums and social media.