Gears 5 rank question

Kinda dumb question but if you reach masters can you rank back down or it stays masters

Rank back down is possible.

You get the season rewards if you don’t get back.

Won’t go back down if you play with winners like @Aloha_its_Kyle


As long as our 3rd is competent… who needs 4 these days…

Hey😘 I’m a good 4th, supervisor shift


:heart_eyes: finally

Off all day today, gonna be playing lotta KOTH, care to join?

I’ll be on in a little. Currently in a long line to get a pistol permit.


I’ve been looking into which specific firearm I want before these Dems try to ban everything to protect myself

I have a 9mm high power browning.

Sucks Bc the gun club I want to join I have to wait until September.

Niiiceeee, have fun, hopefully your aim is better in real life or people might need to be pretty scared :joy:

Jk jk

My aim is good :pleading_face::pleading_face:

Look at me talking about aim :joy::shushing_face:

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I blame FinnyMarlin for that. Trash. And we would have won if our 4th didn’t quit…