Gears 5 quit penalty

Hello,. This topic of the quit penalty needs to be addressed.

Normally I would never quit a ranked match, recently this has been getting worse.

When you go into a ranked match of TDM, guardian, or King of the Hill,. Once in a while you get 1 or 2 players that don’t do anything,. Once in a while you get stuck with a inactive player who just sits there in one spot and literally does nothing.

Point being is us players who dedicate our time into this game work hard, and keep getting stuck with players who don’t care.

If you ask me,. If you are going to have a penalty for quitting, there should be a penalty for inactivity as well,. If it’s perfectly okay for TC to have a player come into a ranked match and do nothing, it should be okay for players who don’t want to put up with it, and quit out to find a match where all players are playing the game.

Now personally I don’t support quitters, but if you can get banned for not wanting to put up with an inactive player or two, those inactive players better be getting penalized to.

Now being a PC player, sometimes your desktop can wig out once in a while, and crash, or your internet goes down, this is where the quit penalty needs to be adjusted.

Most times you get the option to rejoin the match you were in previously to avoid the quit penalty,. But sometimes, there is nothing you can do about it.

I think if TC values the player base time and money we spend on gears 5, they need to recognize the veterans who have been there since gears 1, not saying we should be spoiled guys, but come on,. The one thing that has more value than money is your time, if TC want our time, they will need to figure out a better solution.

Lol Quit baby

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Connection issues are your problem. Server issues and game crashing for no reason are TC’s problems and they need to be fixed. But no way should quitters get away with screwing over their team just because “the whole team just sucks.”