Gears 5 Question to @the-coalition and Staff Member Jamie

Hello @Surly_McGruff I hope all is well with you and the team during these trying times, and I hope you are all keeping safe, and I would like to wish you all the best.

I have a few questions that I would like to get into, as well as a little backstory to the questions that I would like to ask you and the team.

By now I am quite positively sure that you and the team has seen post after post, video after video, and tweet after tweet in regards to the Item Store, as well as the changes that people have wanted in regards to this, and if The Coalition is thinking about changing it to more of a store, instead of a Battle Royal cosmetic store front.


1). Is the current timed FOMO (fear of missing out) store going to be replaced with a full comsmetic store, where we can buy any of the items that would have been in the timed store as it is now, without the time limits and restrictions, and will it contain the content that has been vaulted, this includes things such as, the Campaign skins that were in Tour 1 & 2, (JD’s Scared skin, Del’s Winter Skin etc), and previous store content that was on the store at the start of the year, when can we expect that to come back if no changes are to be made to the store.

2). Can it, or will it be a full store page, where we can select a character from an index, and it has all of the skins available for that character? The same goes for selecting weapons, and it has all of the skins for that weapon for us to purchase. (The same goes for Executions, Banners, Blood Splatters).

3). Can we get some kind of official response in regards to these matters because, many a posts have been made about it, and it will show a lot of good faith to have an answer relating to this matter, even if it’s just a response saying, “We have looked and have heard the feedback, and we will be making changes directly linked to these points”, as we still have not had any response linking to these types of changes, and wheather they are going to change or not, or if The Coalition has even taken this on-board.

4). At what point can we expect, if any, of these ideas, to be spoken about and or announced, and at what point or time, if any, can we expect to see some of these changes come into play.

5). If none of the above applies, at what point can we see a system then that changes the Item Store so it does not feel like it is something that belongs in a game like Fortnite, instead of Gears of War.

These videos are from a fellow Gears of War fan (GowTac-Com) who better explains what kind of changes that we would like to see than I ever could.

Gears 5 Cosmetics & Unlocks Feedback - Part 1: History:

Gears 5 Cosmetics & Unlocks Feedback - Part 2: Paid Items:

Gears 5 Cosmetics & Unlocks Feedback - Part 3: Tour of Duty

Gears 5 Cosmetics & Unlocks Feedback - Part 4: Challenges & Unlocks

Thank you for taking the time to read my post, and I wish you the very best of health, and I wish you a lovely rest of your week, and I hope to hear back from you or the team when you get the chance.

Kindest regards, a fellow Gears fan.


I don’t think Jamie can provide any input here because he works on gameplay and not the store.

Also, my opinion is that if The Coalition is set on the current path for Gears 5 horde, consider going all the way and turning it into a loot shooter like destiny or borderlands. Skill trees would be more fun than the skill cards in my opinion.

I think they should look at Tactics’ awful skill tree UI and use that as an example not how to do them
I think it would diversify and make the game more interesting but new players would probably feel overwhelmed

Thanks for taking the time to put this together and ask the questions, Rest assured that we hear the feedback!

I can speak with authority about any gameplay related topics, but the store falls outside of that.

I can say that there is a ‘strike team’ who has been focusing on progression elements and the store for the past couple of months. Some of their work has been released already like the simplification of earning characters via XP and the rewards for the OP3 tour, for example.

Feedback from the community is a large driver for this team and we know the importance of landing these iterations going forward.

Many, many other improvements will be announced in detail when we are ready.



Thank you for the response Jamie, it does mean a lot for your response.

Could I be cheeky and request that, would you be able to pass this along onto the team that deals with the store specifically, and maybe ask if they could drop their response here?

I do think that we would like to see a proper store, like a shop to just purchase whatever is for sale and not have the Fortnite style store. An example of this is, for me and if there are others,I get my enjoyment out of the game based a number of factors and one of the big parts of that is what character I can play as, and having characters be on an artificial timed scarcity, and when you miss it you miss it kind of mentality for content that should be available to us without the time availability, actualy makes me move on the from the game, not stay.

Maybe it’s the same for others, but by judging by the responses from people in regards to the store, it seems to be the same when we think it could be different.

I am sorry if I am being rather cheeky in requesting this from you, but it would help to see where The Coalition and the Community stands on this, just so we don’t have to keep making the same posts about the same thing and getting worked up because we think it’s not being addressed.

I thank you again for you taking the time to respond to my post, and I wish you and the team all the best.

Kindest regards :slight_smile: