Gears 5 QoL Changes / Ideas That Should Be Added

This is just a post to give TC ideas of what would be nice changes/additions to gears 5 that would make stuff more replayable & fun. I understand that some stuff may not be possible due to the way the game is coded, but regardless, hopefully they’re ideas that can be implemented (and if not, definitely do this for 6). Please feel free to add your ideas in your comments below. Also, as I think of stuff that isn’t added by other people, I’ll edit this post to reflect the new stuff. @TC_Sera what do ya think??


  • Ability to change weapon skins for all standard weapons (not including relic weapons obviously lol).
  • Ability to use/change character skins (It’d be neat to see young Marcus with bearded JD; just sayin).
  • Mutators were always fun. Bring back things like infinite ammo, comet (or just give everyone Cole’s escape/horde ability so everyone could shoulder check enemies), insta-gib (another fun mutator that could splatter enemies), big head mode, bigger explosions, etc… we don’t need to have an arcade mode (but it’d be welcomed), so before starting a campaign session, the mutators could just be turned on/off in a separate menu on the character selection page.
  • Give Jack the ability to spawn certain weapons… or maybe a better option so it’s not considered too easy… just apply the arcade mode mechanic that allows us to spawn a weapon of our choice after we get so many kills.
  • If you want to ensure a “pure” campaign play through first before letting us go wild with these ideas, maybe make it so the campaign must be completed one time before unlocking these options, or maybe have each mutator/ability to equip skins/spawning weapons a la arcade mode unlock after set milestones (100 kills gets first mutator, 200 kills unlocks character skins, 300 kills unlocks the next mutator, etc etc).
  • Allow campaign to award xp, count towards medals, ribbons, ToD… give us a reason to keep replaying the campaign and I can assure you we will! There’s no incentive once someone gets all collectibles and stuff, so why not add fun things like I mentioned and allow it to award us progress/xp on anything we do?


  • A larger assortment of fun character skins. We got a young paduk in UIR armor, so go crazy and have a whole line of “the UIR won the war against the cog” skins and put various COG characters in full UIR armor without helmets (and also some not as fully armored, like how Marcus wore a full cog suit but by gow3 he wasn’t fully armored), make more characters (young and old) in winter armor, bring back the vintage armor for everyone, have multiple “collectors” armor variants in different colors (Have a white and black onyx guard color scheme, etc), throw more characters into desert armor, do more versions of the swarm like the “blood red speaker”… he looks amazing and there’s no reason not to try this on other characters.
  • I’d say bring back all of gears 3 era delta squad (or just bring back every cog and locust skin found in gears 3 and judgment) and then have more variations on the locust/swarm (the UIR swarm grenadier, the savage swarm drone and the savage elite hunter are perfect examples of mixing it up and having fun with skins! Who cares if it doesn’t match lore… make it happen cause they’re dope af!). You guys are starting to make some great stuff. Turn it up to 1000 and run wild with it!
  • Have multiple changeable card loadout profiles for horde/escape (example: if I’m playing a Clayton build that has set cards equipped but then a lizzy joins, a quick swap to the other profile that has the uncle clay card equipped so I can provide damage resistance). This isn’t needed when you can group up in advance and equip certain cards pre-match, but when playing with randoms, it’d be helpful.
  • Bring back the gears 3 style war journal, giving us in-game access to various data, with tabs and sub menus.
  • WAR JOURNAL: A way to view ALL earned ribbons and how many times they were earned.
  • WAR JOURNAL: bring medals back (not tour of duty ones, war journal ones that work towards specific goals (6k gnasher kills unlock onyx gnasher skin). Make sure kill counts tally in any mode you play (campaign, PvP, etc).
  • WAR JOURNAL: stats that can be viewed for all modes (weapon kills, escape map completions, basically what’s found on the stat page on
  • ESCAPE: have a reverse mode where we play as a chosen swarm/locust character trying to get past COG enemies. Having regular cog soldiers would be like fighting drones. Have onyx guard which could be like fighting hunters. You can still add regular foot soldier deebee’s (Shepards, deadeyes, DR-1’s, etc), you could still add in the rolling ball of death instead of juvies, you could use the bastion mechanic but swap it out and have a jack flying around, shielding enemies. You could even throw a named cog character (like JD or whoever) that acts like scions and launches GL lancer artillery at you). There’s a ton of stuff to work with and the maps could be the same, we just don’t get in a helicopter when the doors close at the end of a run OR we could start on the heli-pad and work our way towards the initial pod room, which ends the run with a small animation showing the snatcher podding COG characters.
  • Go crazy! None of this stuff has to match lore


  • Co-op bots are too aggressive/accurate. Make them miss shots. Give them player profiles like in gears 3 (I know this might be impossible, so turn their aim bot setting waaay down so they don’t 1 shot gib us every time while they’re not even facing us AND still swapping to the gnasher. Too many times I see the lancer to gnasher swap happen and their gnasher isn’t even fully equipped in both of their hands, yet they pull off that perfect aim bot shot. Gears 3 bots were the best and why gears 4 & 5 bots were turned into this crap is beyond me. You obviously know they’re overpowered on all levels, which is why you removed normal and insane bot matches in quick play. You get my point).
  • Private matches: allow tour of duty progress, have rolling matches and enable xp payouts and ribbons/medal progress. Since private matches are forced online only games, why punish us and not reward us for our time spent playing? Allow kill credit towards ToD/anything in the game that counts towards playing. It doesn’t have to reward the same amount of xp as regular PvP games, but like gow3, award a lower xp amount.
  • enable the use of locust/swarm when playing co-op vs AI and have it rotate each match.
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If I could pick one thing, it would be this

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