Gears 5 PvE : What 2.5m, 5m, 10m, and 15m looks like in-game

That’s true, but knowing that I can write “facing forward” instead of the description that I wrote enhances my english vocabulary

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Wait I don’t think that’s technically correct either.

Perpendicular doesn’t really work, no. It has to be perpendicular to something, and it doesn’t really work if you’re the reference point. Because that would mean placing it long-ways would be parallel.

English is stupid lol.

I think the important thing is if someone says they put a barrier down vertically, horizontally, or diagonally we all know what they mean lol

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Update 2 :

Dead Seran body next to a barrier

Did Wicked volunteer to be guinea pig again?

And I find it hard to tell whether that’s about 1/3 of the level 1 barrier or less. But probably just a perspective thing that makes it hard to tell for me.

Indirectly lol

She died and there was a barrier next to her so I lined it up parallel with her body lol

Lol that body looks like it belongs to a child. In the pic barrier looks like it’s 10 m long lol

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Well, there is another thing to consider.

TC has a long and consistent tradition of, in the background, invisible to us, “adjusting” things on a character by character, card by card, perk by perk basis, even on during-ult vs not-during-ult basis.

So is it really that hard to think these distance descriptions might also not be consistently accurate across characters, for purposes of different cards?

Gunner and Nomad disagree if the Trishot is a Ballistic Weapon for ourposes of their cards and skills/ults…

Maybe Infiltrator and Blade Master disagree on what a “meter” is, for purposes of their cards…

I dont play Inf/BM, but i play Gunner, and that 15m stun range is funky/incinsistent as heck…


We can all agree on that there are alot of inconsistencies in this game lol

Yes Sir


Like a vacuum lol

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How many meters did I get out before being sucked back in?

Approximately 2 average sized Seran Humans worth of meters

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Haha, Prescott’s, reaction to it pretty much covers it lol.

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Another way to measure is to get a BM or something running either short range for 5m or mid range for 10m or a Nomad/Slugger with Nomad Armor/Tough Skin for 15m.

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