Gears 5 PVE Quiz (15$ for winner)

I once had “Dropshot Headshots Instant Kill any Target” (does not work on Bosses) in Mind. Just to bring the Dropshot back to his old Glory. :joy:

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So, @OP who won?
I’m just curious at to the correct answers.

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You did really good for a reply that early and nailed most of the answers. I feel like you made mistakes on purpose just to dodge that prize. Either that or you didn’t have breakfast yet that morning.

Just to make things a bit more complicated to be frank, although it’s not that complicated.

In question #2 it’s a basic arithmetic calculation, but the idea is to include the smoke grenades in the calculation, since they’re at the bottom of the weapons list in the fabricator & not with the group of grenades (don’t ask me why smoke grenades are even in PvE to begin with).

But this question #9 is something I’ve done. A while ago a friend & I attempted a 2-players high score run on The Labyrinth with maxed score cards and Invincible Warden mutator turned off, simply to take advantage of headshotting Wardens & see how high can we go. We managed to get -55 minutes for a score in that run.

You know I thought about including another question about your Blood Drive solo Master 1-50 being the first one, but didn’t want the quiz to be riddled with these typa questions that aren’t MCQ.

If he isn’t as powerful as he once was then he got nerfed.

JD has never received a positive change except for changing his passive ability and maybe increasing the cooldown on Confirmed Kill card. No one tells me that Bullet Boost & Gambit cards were good assets, that would be embarrassing to say.

He was so fun to play back then pre Operation 3 & had alotta testosterone to him, even TC acknowledged in their Operation 3 patch notes that people enjoyed playing as him the way he was, but I guess not everyone agreed. Look at JDemo post Operation 5, some people still see him OP after all the downgrades & eventually becoming an unplayable class in Escape (Once he lost launcher capacity). Devs should ignore feedback like this in the next Gears in my opinion because some people will never be satisfied.


To be fair, some of those players probably dislike change generally.

Plus we need to consider the fact that many of the other classes took a bit longer to reach a point where they had parity with JD/Demolitions. Basically there was a gap between say, Operation 3 and Operation 5 when many of the other classes were being adjusted to make them more powerful and viable. I expect many JD/Demolitions players were worried or disliked the changes because it would make master runs more difficult. Even now, you see many meta players who are convinced that JD/Demolitions is a necessary class to succeed despite pretty much all other classes getting buffs since.

Also since these JD nerfs, other classes have improved so players now get a testosterone rush from playing them too. I personally love playing as Infiltrator and Blademaster for those reasons - it allows for a very active and aggressive play style.

With Escape, it’s an interesting one because I get the sense that JD/Demolitions was never really a necessary class. Not in a way which I consider to be weak, but it just wasn’t necessary. Escape is tuned differently to Horde in terms of enemy health and damage output - master Escape is (to my memory) basically the same as master Horde from waves 1-10 in terms of enemy stats; and in Escape you wouldn’t have enemies with the same stats as Horde from wave 11-upwards (with the exception of Gatekeepers which has the Gaterkeeper mutators). As you had the Tactician who could resupply ammo, this was your main go-to class in terms of explosives. Demolitions may pack more of a punch because of say, the Custom Boomshot card, but truth is you don’t need that extra punch purely because of the way Escape is tuned and I guess players prefered the Tactician because of the ammo resupply skill. Horde however is a different scenario because of Weapon Lockers and the Ammo Regeneration perk, so this reduces the necessity of the Tactician’s Ammo Resupply ability and means that the Demolitions gets to be in the spotlight a bit more. Plus the extra damage output helps more given the progressive health/damage buffs from wave 11+.

I think this comes down to the whole meta thing. Alot of Demolitions players are still stuck in an old way of thinking and playing. Bullet Boost is insanely powerful, and it’s super easy to build up the extra damage stacks. The Ammo Regenration perk is slow, but it’s definitely workable to play Demolitions without a Weapon Locker (although I still personally prefer to have one locker). That said, I don’t see the need to have more than one extra Boomshot (I’m happy with one Lancer GL; and two Boomshots on rotation).

I get why TC wanted to change and nerf JD/Demolitions - it was to reduce GL spamming; and was also part of a bigger move to give other classes parity so that they were all viable. I think in large part, TC succeeded and have done this pretty well. They took their sweet time and PVE was insanely unbalanced at launch.

In retrospect, I think what TC could have done instead, was to keep the Launcher Capacity card; BUT change it so that the Lancer GL was exempt. So the Launcher Capacity card increased capacity for Torques, Booms etc, but not the GL.

Another change they could have done (in addition) to deal with GL rocket spamming, was to change the tuning of the GL in PVE altogether and maybe add a longer cooldown/reload for the rockets so that there’d be an enforced period of say, 5-8 seconds (or something) between each rocket volley.

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After reading the replies and seeing how the thing went, this rule seems really pointless so…

Congrats you got em all right, 15/15 :+1:.

As for question #15 , it’s correct that the name has changed but the question is about their effect changing.


Nice! :+1:

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Does this mean I won?

BTW I tried replying a couple of hours ago but it kept saying something like “Wait till other people participate then you can reply”, so I guess I had to wait it.

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The latter :stuck_out_tongue: I really just “went with it” what I knew right off the bat and looked up the operation patches.

They can be very handy for CQC classes and are heavily underrated but indeed, completely forgot about those so you got me there. Just counted the grenades and missed the smokes. I was thinking whether the special frags were in there though lol.

I mean that solo really isn’t that impressive since it abused the infinite-ultimate “bug” (I guess)
You could’ve asked what the group of people were that soloed all hives with all classes solo instead. :stuck_out_tongue: Jk

Those that say Bullet Boost is not a good asset really don’t know enough about the card… Demo is still a fantastic class to play and now allows for different playstyles. The class was beyond busted before it received all the different changes. It still performs super well to this day. You just can’t spam like a brain-dead person anymore unless you got a really happy engineer building you a bunch of lockers. Instead you just have to play it a bit more “versatile”.
And also, it is not at all a useless class for Escape. It is actually a superior class in Escape if people knew how to play it. Good Kill being a green/common card is heavily underrated. It overrides ammo starvation and usually grants more ammo than the big ammo boxes in Escape too. A super useful card for Escape.

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Demo as a solo artist is lacking however.


Meh, Last Stand and Melee Brawl were super easy…


Dodges a single Juvie for 5mins straight in the saferoom
For reference: [Gears 5 - Escape] Last Stand - Master Solo as Demolitionist - YouTube

For Horde he’s fine solo btw., due to ammo regen perk. Paired with a grenade build you really don’t need to get anything but frags and/or ammo boxes and one GL.


Right. Basically the reason why D is the correct answer for this question is because any of the other 3 choices can be true.

More than 41 times - Can happen when a Medic revives themselves, or activates ult while the downed teammate is being revived by a 3rd teammate.

Exactly 41 times - An example of this would be joining mid match & only getting revives through ultimate, reviving 1 teammate at a time (Extremely unlikely to be the case but still a possibility).

Less than 41 times - By diversifying their reviving means through manual revives, Intervention card & the ultimate. Which is what most Medics do.

Too late I might use the Korean Won next.

How come when they were the ones that asked for a change?

Not really, when JD got nerfed Master became easier through time as a trade-off, not that it was much of a challenge at launch or at any point even. It was just a new difficulty that you needed to understand and gain experience in, otherwise Hardcore Horde on Gears 2/3 was harder in my estimation, mainly because of bleeding cards.

Enemy health decreasing from 2.5 to 2.0, Power Drain behavior changing to be fixed at 50% extra cost, energy taps spawning at the 1st wave, perks becoming much cheaper, tough enemies like Sentinels, Elite Drones & Matriarchs getting nerfed big time, adding Locust-Lambent war and allowing duplicate classes. These were some of the factors (among many others) that made Master easier than it was. Much easier than when JDemo was able to spam GL in fact.

In Escape he wasn’t as good as Tactician or even close, but still a good class to play in some of the hives that have many red ammo boxes/explosives such as The Surge or The End. Now there’s really no motive to choose him over Tactician unless they’re doing a combo or something.

For one since launch I’ve always perked up Ultimate Cooldown, the other perks to me were either unnecessary or useless. Crazy to think that Demo & Marksman had the same passive at one point, and that Demo still has Critical Damage perk. TC’s vision for Demo was to become a sniper/ballistic type of class, that’s how out of touch they are with their own game.

As for the Lancer GL, I’ve totally divorced it after Operation 5 whenever I played as Demo, I wasn’t using it much after Operation 3 anyway, or Demo itself. Would be interesting to see a new swarm variant wielding the Lancer GL in Gears 6 Horde.

If that was the case, people who disliked JD & his “spamming” could’ve easily avoided that by hosting their own matches and typing “No JD” in the title just like how people do these days, especially when we look back and notice that Operation 2 introduced 2 of the finest classes in Horde (Pilot & Robotics), followed by Gunner in Operation 3. Complaining about JD over and over again would make little sense.

I’m all for other classes receiving some compassion and getting buffed, but not at another class’s expense. What needed to be done to balance the equation is raising the other classes to JD’s level while also making enemies harder. Making the Grenadiers behave like they do in campaign, constantly shooting at you without breaks for example. Instead, what we got is replacing JD with another OP class while nerfing enemies.

Tell me this, Pepper: Would you have preferred if the game launched with Veteran and Marksman in their Operation 4 status when they were at their zenith? Because those were the only 2 classes that were weak and needed some work at launch. After Operation 5, Veteran has returned to being not a very good class without the ultimate, and Marksman is still OP & can outdamage almost any other class.

So much was done for this utopian balance that was never achieved. And guess what? Tactician can drop that ultimate & spam GL and let the whole squad spam with em.

Agreed. Now that would have been a more reasonable solution. Or they could’ve kept the card in Escape but transformed it into a perk in Horde.

I’m glad you guys have found it to be useful/worth equipping and replacing another card for. To me it’s just like saying Brutal Claw is a great card for Blademaster, a card that could potentially be good if it was given to the proper class.

Anyway I’m done arguing over this, lol. Thank you to everyone who participated or appreciated. GG

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I wasn’t under the impression anyone was arguing… Just some of us have a difference of opinion on certain things.

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