Gears 5 PVE Quiz (15$ for winner)

Power dropped from Infiltrator kills were worth more. Or something along those lines. I think Lahni had the same passive too.

No clue what the Escape one was. Maybe it was the rubbish every-5-kills-drops-pilfer-ammo?


Yeah it was 25% power increased when enemies killed “near” you (~3 meters). It was a silly passive lol


Kait wasn’t in Escape until Operation 4 - along with Del, Fahz, Marcus. But yeah it was like every 6th execution drops a pilfer box.

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Which, as a person with Scottish heritage inside of them, he would find hilarious.

Lol didn’t read that part. Oh well :rofl:. #15 messed me up.

Speaking of questions about GOW5 - here’s one for fun.

There is an Escape tile which only appears once in all of the 31/32 Escape maps. Which tile is it?

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I don’t know the exact name of it but it’s the tile in the second half of The Gatekeepers.

It’s filed with ice and has a ladder to climb down followed by a button-activated door where you fight either a Snatcher/Matriarch. Bunch of ammo boxes and nades in that area.

Oh, there may be two tiles then… I think I ballsed up!

I can only assume you mean the fabricator tile on The Split. I struggle to think of any other that isn’t shared within another hive.

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Bloody hell, there must be three then!

Yeah that’s the only other one I can think of as well. If those even are considered tiles.

I mean, I don’t know if it properly qualifies as a tile since it’s literally an interactible object attached to another tile, but it’s only on that specific hive, so…

Really though, without a hint, it’s hard to think of any tile that isn’t shared.

There’s also the supply room which appears on The Mines in act 1, on the right-hand side (first of the two). It has a button which drops these metal slides down and gives you access to a U-shaped section which contains a Boomshot, Frags and red ammo boxes.

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True true. That one and the Gatekeepers one should be the only unique ones. We’re not counting venom timer rooms and such sub-rooms, I imagine.

Answer to 12 could be Pilot aswell btw. jack’s passive was infact changed he used to get 5 Secs of Ult. cooldown if somebody killed a Target marked by Jack.

Pilot did have its passive changed. Originally, it had an actually unique passive which was basically a lesser version of Tact’s Recharge Bounty, providing you ult cooldown of a few seconds if a marked target died(or was killed by you, I don’t recall).

Of course TC, in their infinite wisdom(stupidity) decided that was too useful and gave it the complete dog ■■■■ “Damage taken gives cooldown proportional to the damage”, because of “consistency”. While it is literally so inconsequential in either mode that it might as well not be there.


Just checked, you’re right but it wasnt unique since i do remember Jack having the same Passive.

Maybe, but I still think Pilot should’ve kept it all the same.

I think they should of gave him a special Passive like everybody else has gotten over Time, the Pilot is the only Class besides Engineers with one of those OP2-3 “weak” Passives. Well, atleast Engineer Passive Abilities are useful.

I think +30% Explosive Damage would of been neat. Not that Pilot really lacks in Damage or anything i just think its unfair this Class is the only one with a useless Passive.

The generic tank passive of “damage taken recharges your ultimate” is so stupid anyways. I guess for some classes it makes sense. But for the Pilot it could’ve been something like “consecutive critical hits with Dropshot cause extra stun time”. Or literally anything else.

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