Gears 5 PVE Quiz (15$ for winner)


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  1. A - (1500 power I believe) - Frenzy gives you the most.

  2. D - 60 (2 x 6 fortification types X 5 Grenade types)

  3. A - Wave 8 (8,9 is when you get Wardens anyway, other than mini boss waves)

  4. D - We have no idea how many of those 41 revives were from the guy actually hitting X on a person versus self-revive himself or his teammates. Hitting X would revive the teammate but wouldn’t heal any fortifications. So there’s not enough info.

  5. I think it’s the Terminator Dark Fate event.

  6. A - Barrier.
    Barrier would be 8250 (3000 X 2.75), Weapons locker 8125 (2500 X 3.25), Forge 7500 (2000 X 3.75)

  7. B - Venom Ash

  8. B - Ice Queen

  9. C - -5:59 - (4:00 + 1:00) = -10:59

  10. I believe it’s iFreemZ. This is from October 6, 2019 (only a month post launch) Gears 5 Solo Master Difficulty Escape Run - The Hive - YouTube

  11. B - Operation 5

  12. D - Mechanic. The 15% discount passive has never changed as far as I remember - other than starting at 10%.

  13. C - Kat. Now known as Architect.

  14. B - Op 3 - JD lost Lancer GL. Op 4 reduced bleed/changed load out, Op5 changed skill cards etc…

  15. A - Even Tougher Enemies (has always been 3x health) atleast in Horde. Even Stronger Enemies on Forever USED to be 4x damage dealt to you and now its 3x.



Well, uh, the modifier names are actually inverted. Even Stronger Enemies is the damage modifier, while Even Tougher Enemies is the one which makes them uber sponges.


Pepper! Oh, so we’re going there, aye?!

They ARE, yes, and I’m always willing to get into another argument with your lot down south who refuse them!

It’s actually fun :smile:.


Ah, there we go. A terrific example of simple cooperation.

Much obliged :money_mouth_face:.

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Yeah the Escape definition is different that’s why it’s kinda a tricky question lol. But yes in Horde - Stronger (3x enemy health), Tougher (3x enemy damage).

I was referring to the Escape modifier (Even Stronger Enemies) that changed from 4x to 3x lethal. Which is inverted name - you are correct. That’s so dumb TC lol.

No, it’s the same in Horde. Tougher refers to the 3x health mod, damage is the Stronger Enemies mod.

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I figured I can’t read once again. It’s been early :stuck_out_tongue:
This is also correct, my solution is wrong (but who’s doing such weird math tho)

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Correct, my brain farted. I kinda had a feeling that Jack’s zapping thingy was a new thing and somehow just had the Turret in mind of Mechanic (which is obviously not his passive…). However I somehow also had in mind that it changed from 10% to 15% after reading this but seems I’m wrong about that.

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Yeah you’re right. The wording is a bit confusing but yeah Tougher (extra health), Stronger (extra damage) for either mode.

I feel like I got them all but @AmicableWall421 is making me doubt myself on #15 lol. I got it though. :smiley:

I bet Dana is the sort of person who, if he owned a shop in England or Wales, would refuse to accept Scottish notes (and probably Northern Ireland ones too) and refer to it as “funny money”.

Yea the last question is weird… I mean Ironman is even a “modifier” (sort of) in campaign too which got me a bit confused there.

The Even Stronger Enemies and Even Tougher Enemies got me confused too. Somehow had them completely mixed up. I was so sure one was for damage, the other for health, checked some videos, misread their descriptions and got it entirely wrong anyways lol

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Welp this was a fun quiz. Thanks OP.

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That’s why I specified that for Escape on Forever, the Even Stronger Enemies (extra damage) modifier changed. But the Even Tougher Enemies (Extra health) has always been the same regardless of Horde/Escape. Tricky question anyways lol.

That reminds me TC never built a hive around the triple health mod because it was only introduced in Op 5 with the daily modifier sets.

Whether it would’ve been anything good to play is a different question, just something that came to my mind just now.

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No they never did because they shafted Escape post Op 4 :(. Maybe if custom matches had custom mutators then we could’ve experimented with it.

I’m banned from anything pve bro

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You’re correct about it. It was 10% at one point. But the other 3 classes (Infiltrator, Veteran, Jack) have had a brand new passive. The mechanic has the same passive it’s just better than it once was.

What was the passive before they decoupled the classes? I don’t remember.

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