Gears 5 PVE Quiz (15$ for winner)

TC aren’t releasing a new game any time soon, and it’s been almost a year since they last added content to Gears 5. So I thought I’ll drop content myself.

This quiz is for PvE nerds. I expect Operation 1 veterans to answer the questions correctly, which will mostly test your memory & experience.

You’ll find that all of the questions are multiple-choice save for 2 questions that would become too easy & obvious with multiple choices. Some of the questions are tricky so pay attention to the wording. Most of them are Google-able/Youtubable but even then you won’t get the answer directly.

The quiz consists of 3 segments with a total of 15 questions: the first segment has 6 questions about Horde, followed by 4 Escape questions, then the last part contains 5 General PvE questions. Some people might get a section or two answered correctly, but the real chad has all the answers.

To make this more interesting, the 1st person to answer all 15 questions correctly will receive a 15$ Xbox gift card from me. Sorry to my non-American friends, I’m not American myself (Stop sending me messages asking me to PUMP more oil, I won’t. I’m down for a fist BUMP though). But really you can always change your store region.

Without further ado, here’s the quiz:

Horde section:

1 - Which of the following Energy Taps yields the most energy?:
A) A level 1 Energy Tap in a Horde Frenzy match
B) A level 2 Energy Tap in a Mad Man’s Monsters match
C) A level 3 Energy Tap in a normal Horde match
D) A level 4 Energy Tap in a Nexus Siege match

2 - In the Fabricator, the number of Fortification types multiplied by double the number of Grenade types is equal to:
A) 24
B) 30
C) 48
D) 60

3 - In a 1-50 Horde match, the earliest possible wave to face a Warden on is:
A) Wave 8
B) Wave 15
C) Wave 9
D) Wave 3

4 - A Combat Medic with the Team Repair card equipped had 41 revives in a Horde match. The number of times he has repaired fortifications through his ultimate ability is:
A) 41 times or more
B) Exactly 41 times
C) 41 times or less
D) Not Enough Info

5 - Name the only Horde event that never made it to custom lobbies.

6 - Knowing that the standard health is 3000 for a Barrier, 2500 for a Weapons Locker and 2000 for a Forge (all on level 1), determine which of the following fortifications has the most health if they were built by a Mechanic with a level 6 Reinforced Fabrication card equipped(+175% fortification health):
A) A Barrier
B) A Weapons Locker with a level 5 Fortification Health perk
C) A Forge with a level 10 Fortification Health perk
D) They all have the same health

Escape section:

7 - What’s the name of the green area that appears on the mini map in Escape but doesn’t harm you?:
A) Venom Cloud
B) Venom Ash
C) Safe Room
D) Venom-Free Zone

8 - Choose the Hive that contains no heavy weapons among the following:
A) The Wanderer
B) Ice Queen
C) Melee Brawl
D) The Gatekeepers

9 - If your Time score in an Inconceivable Escape match was -00:05:59 before picking up a COG tag while having a level 4 Epic Score Boost card on(+25% time bonus), find out what your new score will be at that very moment given that the standard COG tag increases your score by -240 seconds:
A) -00:12:14
B) -00:09:59
C) -00:10:59
D) 00:02:37

10 - Who is the person that made the first recorded solo Master Escape run? (Feel free to attach a video)

General PvE section:

11 - Which of the following Operations introduced daily challenges to Horde and Escape:
A) Operation 4
B) Operation 5
C) Operation 6
D) Operation 7

12 - The passive ability of one of the following classes remained the same since launch:
A) Infiltrator
B) Jack
C) Veteran
D) Mechanic

13 - None of the following characters was assigned a PvE class when they were added to Gears 5 except:
A) Kofi Kingston
B) Dominic Santiago
C) Kat
D) Victor Hoffman

14 - JD/Demolitions has been nerfed on 3 different Operations. These Operations were:
A) 2, 3 and 4
B) 3, 4 and 5
C) 3, 4 and 6
D) 4, 6 and 8

15 - One of the following modifiers never changed its discription over time:
A) Even Tougher Enemies
B) Power Drain
C) Even Stronger Enemies
D) Ironman



1 - Please put the answer under the question in the same fashion shown below:
Who is the most boring boss in Horde:
A) Wakaatu
B) Otaku
C) That bird
D) All the above

Answer: D.

2 - The last chance to get the reward is Monday, August 1st at 7pm GMT or 3pm Eastern, if no one answered the 15 correctly by then, I’ll give it to the person who had the most correct answers.

3 - In order not to ruin the experience for everyone I won’t confirm nor deny anyone’s answers before August 1st.

4 - Edited answers won’t be considered for the prize.

Good luck yall and I hope you enjoy the quiz :).


I’ve read the guidelines. I don’t think they say anything about giveaways.

Just gonna copy @Forza_Cali’s answer sheet. The man lives for pve

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I quoted and threw my answers into it. I like this idea and certainly don’t have everything right but like the quiz.
Should I really happen to have most answers correct, give the money to someone else, I don’t need it. Just here for the quiz.


This quizz is not easy. Well done!

For the fun of it, it is not fair the 1st answer came from @CommanderCH2863 one of the best experts at this game (at least PVE).

As I could not be able to answer at more than one third of this quizz I will not play it.

I would just consider the proposal A to the 3rd question. I could swear I got a mace at wave 8 of at least one game playing BM (and I never buy one before a warden lost one on a 1-50).

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Well I mean, not guaranteed I have everything right and I want somebody else to get the 15 bucks anyways. :slight_smile:

Your correction about the Warden is for sure right because I have seen Warden’s in wave 18 and hence just assumed they may spawn in wave 8 as well. I just have never ever encountered one there.

EDIT: I’m also curious about question 15s correct answer. Must be A) or C), technically A) was changed to C) so I imagine only C) might be right. I’m still sticking to all my answers even if people manage to prove me wrong. Would be unfair to change my initial answers upon feedback of other players.

EDIT2: A question of my own for you guys to answer:

Which Horde mode can spawn up to 5 energy taps?


Roulette would be one of them. Believe Escape From Kadar can also spawn 5 taps, though I haven’t played it outside of challenges so don’t actually know for sure on that.


Never played it on a map that could spawn 5 so that’s why I didn’t know that Kadar can also spawn 5.

I agree with CommanderCH’s answers except for #3 - I believe Warden can spawn on wave 8 - and #4 - my answer is D. Not enough info. There is a possibility there were no forts on wave one or they were not damaged.

Good quiz.

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Hence the “41 times or less”. It’s still correct for that circumstance.

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I’d still argue not enough info because he will have revived players manually without the ult, could have downed himself to repair forts, etc. He likely wouldn’t have used the ult 41 times in one run, which would seem a lot even for a 50 waver(seeing as barriers shouldn’t need to be fixed up every wave).

It’s not a completely straightforward answer. Both C and D would qualify as an answer for this scenario, I’d say.


I forgot, I guess the self-revive doesn’t popup as a “revive” on the scoreboard right? In that case you’re right with answer D).

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That’s something I wondered too. Not actually sure since I haven’t played Medic a whole lot, and usually not with Team Repair.

Just checked, doesn’t popup as revive. So answer D) would be correct.

It gets very technical I guess. Self revive is not considered a revive but he used his ultimate so technically it is a revive.

The author of the quiz specifically indicated that CM has Team Repair card. So self revive in order to fix forts is still a revive. Now if forts do not need a revive, the ult is still used. Will this self revive still count? That’s an interesting question.

I still stand by my answer - not enough info.

Also, many times when CM uses the ult too late. The teammate is not revived but killed and the ult is used for nothing.

Man I haven’t played Gears for too long, forgot about all those nifty things that can work or happen. :sweat_smile:

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If only the game worked as intended without any bugs and glitches…

I second @CommanderCH2863.

Now give me your silly American Dollars.

Are your Scottish bank notes not legal tender?

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