Gears 5 PvE: Nomad - Master tips and tricks (for Horde and Escape)

Got one but it is mostly random stuff that happened.


Oh and Nomad is one of my favorites. While I knew most of this stuff already (didn’t know that the bleed doesn’t interrupt the stacking of Consecutive Shot) I really enjoyed watching this.

One more thing to note is that Fear’s double damage seems to take place BEFORE every other boost that is additive.

Some test results and other info with Nomad

Like with Markza Mastery, the Markza’s damage after the card boostis 510 (no actives) but does 810 with Fear which is more like a 58.8 percent damage boost. With actives, you normally do 860 (again, with Markza Mastery just to be clear) which is a result of the active effects (being 35 percent so you multiply the base active boost of the weapon, which is usually 1.25 times the damage you do without actives. Which means the active bonus becomes 1.6875 or a 68.75 percent damage boost.) but against a Feared enemy is 1366, or a boost of 506(???) which is odd since the damage is 510 with Markza Mastery and no actives. Maybe they did some rounding shenanigans or whatever but who knows with TC.

Crits are boosted by 900 (doubles the damage before anything else happens) without active and must be boosted by 1313 with actives (no Markza Mastery) and 1772 with actives and (Markza Mastery, a 35 percent boost due to the active boost taking place before the doubling does)

Another example is a critical when they are Feared with Consecutive Shot on (no Markza Mastery used in this example) is doing 1745 on the crit with a Markza normally (with just one stack so first crit in this example) and when they are Feared, that becomes 3058, a boost of 1313 (rounded up from 1312.5) which is the base active crit damage of the Markza in Horde (Markza gets an improved crit multiplier when active reloaded like the Longshot does)

It also looks like Consecutive Shot boosts damage by 297 a stack (exactly 33 percent of 900) for non-actives (with and without Markza Mastery) and when active (again, no Markza Mastery) boosts the damage by 433 a stack which is 32.99 percent of the damage an active Markza crit is (remember, the Markza gets a crit bonus when active so that gets factored in too)

Both of those make sense. However, with Markza Mastery and active rounds, the increase is 585, a 35 percent increase (which is what the active bonus of Markza Mastery is) so it looks like when it calculates what the increase should be, it uses the active boost AFTER all active boosts are accounted for.

So if the numbers look low, that is because they are based on the base damage, not the boosted.

Oh and one more thing, I just tested Consecutive Shot’s limits (used EMBAR in Escape since it does exactly 1000 damage, 2000 on crit) and I got:
Stack 1: 2660
Stack 2: 3320
Stack 3: 3980
Stack 4: 4640
Stack 5: 5300
Stack 6: 5960
Stack 7: 6620
Stack 8: 7280
Stack 9: 7940
Stack 10: 8000

So it looks like the crit damage goes up to 4x but here is something really weird: When I tried shooting that Ice Scion some more after hitting max damage, the damage kept being 2660 again. When I would swap Scions (had several) the damage would stack normally (shooting the old Scion again would not affect the stacks in any way.) So it looks like if you get all 10 stacks on one target, it might bug out and prevent you from doing more than one stack worth of damage on it

Oh and for anyone curious, Nomad can do up to about 8914 a bullet with the Markza in Horde without perks. With Fear, that becomes 10227 a bullet.


That’s awesome! I didn’t know about fear double damage kicking in first before everything else.

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The damage always seemed kind of suspect and these tests confirmed it (honestly, 1366 felt low)


Thank you, this was an inspiring video! While I really like Paduk as a character I’ve been having some trouble playing him before. This video really gave some good examples of how to be successful. Right now I’m running a hybrid build with execution shield and faze, and markza mastery (required for Paduk imo) and consecutive shot. 5th card is undecided, I’ve tried concussive boltok shots (conflicts with consecutive shot, do i want to stun or kill?) and armoured shot (a pain to keep going, I don’t want to be reliant on cog gear or mac, and despite claims in the video managing cover is hard for me), maybe go with nomad armour for 5th? Or is this a master of none build?

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Well, I think people have always used it, but mostly in Escape. Not as much in Horde. Brawler has had a similar problem.

Cool to hear that someone else noticed that!

Yeah, Boltok stun is one of Nomad’s strongest cards IMO, especially in Escape where you sometimes have nothing else for a while. In Horde it is still a fantastic choice but can be somewhat replaced by Flashbangs for Executions if trying to save a card slot.

Heh, right. Not going to lie though I will often buy a Retro for CQC if it takes too long to spawn Locust Hybrids. I prefer that rushing bayonet when paired with my Gnasher.

I figured that other experienced Nomads would know most of the stuff, but I am glad it was still fun to watch regardless!

Yes, correct. I kinda forgot to explicitly state that in the vid, BUT that is part of why I talked about double damage first and THEN showed it best stacked with the DPS cards. While I imagine that it is a bit left to one’s interpretation of exactly HOW they stack, I hope that the important aspect is at least implied enough in the vid.

Yes, exactly. This is also why the Gnasher card is much more useful than it might seem at first. With such strong Actives, and the card, Nomad will do almost twice the damage against a Feared enemy than trying to do the same WITHOUT the card. Which is crazy considering what we just mentioned regarding only the base damage (including normal Actives) being doubled.

Thanks for the tests as usual, man!

While I didn’t explicitly record and write down numbers like you do, I have a LOT of ‘firing range’ stuff testing similar stuff such as DPS comparisons between cards, timing and distance stuff for the Ult cards and Acceleration/Rain Down, and even trying other unconventional Nomad weapons to see what works with what. Not to mention some of notorious Feared enemy pathing behaviors in Escape. But I eventually just had to cut most of that because the vid was getting close to an hour long lol.

Glad to help! So happy to see these kind of responses. Makes all that effort making the vid worth it. :slight_smile:

Yes, this list of cards you mentioned (taking the two most important cards from both CQC and Sniper styles of Nomad), is a jack-of-all-trades master-of-none Hybrid build. But that versatility and ability to adapt can be a fantastic strength of the class. One of the best builds for showcasing that.

The cool thing is that the open 5th card slot is entirely up to personal preference. I often use Fearsome Aura for that cross-map Fear shown in the vid, but for the daily with ridiculously slow Ult recharge times, I’ll use something else.

You could actually use all three for a Boltok focused hybrid build. The stun can be both used for Executions AND easy headshots too. In that clip towards the end of the Armored Shot segment where I Boltok killed a Scion, I was using those three cards with Execution Shield and Faze.

You don’t have to use Markza Mastery for good sniping damage if you don’t want to use the Markza. Consecutive Shot by itself plus perks does a lot by itself, and you could use Acceleration instead if you just want to focus on the Longshot.

That is totally fine. Armored Shot is a great card but definitely hard to use. Best when enemies are Feared and can’t shoot back IMO. But Nomad can definitely still be strong without the card.

Not a bad choice even for the defensive nature of the hybrid build. Helps you take a few more stray bullets when being overrun as you chainsaw things.

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I actually use both lancers for a complete execution build, if they are further away i use retro, then switch to chain and do the chain executions


Nomad is my favorite class by far in both escape and horde. Thanks for making this I hadn’t seen such a cool vid on my favorite class yet. I use the sniper build with armored short, intimidation, lifeline, Markza mastery and consecutive shot. In master frenzy’s I usually average between 1.3 to 1.6 million damage. Not amazing or anything but certainly no slouch. And I’ve had the most success with this build. But I need to try your sniper set up. Using the bigger fear radius is genius and when I did try acceleration before I was underwhelmed but need to revisit it.

Execution nomad was my go to before the lambert and cyclops/lancer guards were added. Explosions downing me and getting chainsawed when they’re feared is too annoying

Also for anyone struggling keeping stim on for armored shot. Don’t be shy about using the ult to to get quick stim. It recharges very fast and can be freely spammed. I’ll sometimes see a boom shot scion spawning and there’s an imago or something close by I’ll pop the ult get the quick kill on the low priority enemy just got stim and by the time I hit a couple shots on the boomer my ult is back.