Gears 5 PvE: Nomad - Master tips and tricks (for Horde and Escape)

Nomad is my favorite class for Gears 5 PvE. Very versatile, and able to do CQC, Sniping, Tanking, and even Support. It is a jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none, so the best way to play it is to use that adaptability to it’s advantage.

I spent way too much time on this video and could have easily kept going, but I wanted to avoid making an hour and a half long video. This is the best I could crunch together all at once and I hope it is more helpful than it may be an information overload. While there are certainly a variety of fine details that got left out, I believe this should cover the gist of it all. I can always add more videos later, if necessary and wether or not I ever get around to them.

I understand this is probably a bit too late in the game’s lifespan. But this is for all those people I’ve typed up essays about Nomad to on the Gears Forums:

Thanks for watching to all those who make it through the video!


As a not so wise Man once said : “Nomad is useless” :joy:

On a serious Note i was kinda surprised i knew all this already, i like Nomad but it’s def. not one of the Classes i played a lot compared to others.

But i do enjoy the Ranged Markza Build like crazy lately.


Nomad is the best escape class.

That is all.

@SMARTAN_427 Does Acceleration stack with armored shot to increase bleed? I’ve used them together on my split solo but I don’t actually know if it increases bleed in reality.


I think Nomad and BM are tied for best escape class.

But I’ve been waiting for this video ever since I saw rumbly asking you about it a few times lol


I go back and forth on it but I pretty much agree.


Theyre the only 2 classes in the game that are good no matter what hive it is. There isn’t a single that i wouldn’t want to have those 2 on my team.

And when going in blind playing a custom hive, having a BM or Nomad is always a good option.


Yes. Same with Rain Down. That was one of the fine details I had to cut because of how long the vid was initially getting.

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Okay, I wasn’t sure if I was right or if it was just

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Actives also increase Bleed, and Fear doubles the base Active Bleed at that all by default. I didn’t actually get around to messing with card actives but I know a similar thing happens with other classes.

Yeah, that reset people see happens occasionally regardless of Bleed or not. Just another annoying bug lol.


Wow, Bleed doesn’t reset Consecutive Shot. Good to finally get some confirmation from the Nomad guy himself.


Just got finished watching the whole video. I wish every class video was as good and detailed as this one, almost every class tutorial video ive seen is just some half-baked bs that didn’t help my game at all and was full of filler trash like just literally reading what the cards say. This video here? Has given me so much insight on the class and the different ways it can be played.


Great video that mate, very helpful. Subbed to your channel also


You’ve done it! Thank you :blush:
The video is superb. Not going to lie - I learned a lot from your vids. Hope you will do more tutorials in the future.


Ok, on my third watch now. It gets better with each watch lol. I literally couldn’t figure out the card set up before I watched this. So today I’ve been playing Nomad using the execution build that is on show at the start. Although my cards aren’t at level 6 yet, I’ve been having some good success with it.

So again, mate what a great tutorial for people like me who have no idea what to do with this class.

Mention to @RelaxingKoty @Great_Defensor and @TurnerBurner922 for the great content you guys put on YouTube. Forgot @CommanderCH2863 too great stuff also.

Any other gears with YouTube channels, please point me in the right direction.


They (stealth) fixed that with OP5 i think.


Lol TOTALLY. :wink:

Another good Nomad? Hell yeah.

I know right? Like if I want to learn something about a class I’m looking for relevant gameplay examples. I didn’t come to YouTube to watch a guy stare at cards the whole time. I can do that in game via menus myself lol.

Wow, three times?! I’m glad such a long video is enjoyable enough to watch all the way through once, let alone multiple times haha. That makes me so happy with all the work I put into this.

Anyway good to know I was able to help you figure out how some cards might match up well. Definitely get those cards to level 6! Especially for Execution Shield to get 100% immunity and the DPS cards. The Markza (weapon in general) particularly needs all the help it can get to kill things in as few shots as possible due to how exposed shooting it can make you.

I’m glad these vids are able to help, thanks to everyone for the compliments!

Hmmmm… :thinking: :thinking: :wink:

That reminds me, I think I owe a shout out to @TurnerBurner922 and @Great_Defensor for being such great Nomads too. They’ve done so many/majority of Escape solos and more with the class, compared to my measly few (Surge, Hunters, Warren, and Descent).

Also, @Siul_S249 was a great friend helping me get recordings, especially for the clips with multiple players. And @RumblyMonkey991 may remember the match she was in with us on (EDIT: Village) where we almost wiped as shown early in the vid.


So many but just to name a couple - search YT for BeetleCorn MZ, Moss994 and yours truly.


How can I forget lol

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It seems more people are using nomad now, originally i did find the CQC build very useful for when the modifiers had extreme health and lethality, helped my team a lot

I sometimes use the boltok stun card in a CQC build so i can get to enemies and execute them, it works well in escape too

The most important message in the vid is to find weapons on the ground versus spending money on them, even when im a gunner i try to find a mulcher or trishot before i buy it, i keep 4k power just in case we having trouble


Appreciate the mention man!

In terms of level 6 cards, I’d say the only card you’d “need” to be 6 is Execution Shield. It is nice when everything is 6 though.