Gears 5 Punishes Me for Winning?

I’m currently in the very bottom of Silver 1, and i can’t seem to get out. When i looked at my ranking statistics, I noticed something strange.

In the image, you can see that my team won 3-1. I was also 2nd best on my team, while also being “favored” (still dont understand how that works). Yet for some reason, I lost more elo than most games that I lose 0-3. 970 elo is a BIG hit, and by winning this match, it dropped me half way through Silver 1.

Can this be fixed ASAP, or at least explained to me why this happens?

Yeah it’s a reported bug, I’ve had it too. Lose the first round and winning rounds onwards cause you to lose even more points.

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Please see the most recent sticky post.


I once got banned for cheating, which i have not ever even contemplated.
Dident bother me though, i was on the way out of that game anyway, and i will rather have overly active admins than none at all.

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