Gears 5 Public Horde

How come theres no public horde game? I mean i love frenzy but i def want the option to play public horde.

Before anyone say play private let me just say, ive been kicked NUMEROUS times for getting more kills and playing better than the host. Especially when its a JD player and im a Fahz, smh. CANT happen in public.

Also hosting takes so darn long to get a full squad.

Im just saying id like public horde back or am i the only on?

I prefer private to public, in public matches you can’t really control who comes through the door, and if people leave at wave 7 or 8, there really isn’t much you can do.

At least in private you can go in with a set plan in terms of characters, and if someone leaves, you can get someone else. It isn’t a death sentence like it is in public.

Yes, you can’t get kicked, but on the same note, if someone isn’t pulling their weight, or is AFK, there is nothing you can do.

Plus you can control what map you want to play on, what modifiers you want on…

But I do think they should have a public horde option to cater to those who prefer public.

People kick you for getting more kills than they are? :joy: …& here I thought pvp players were the most petty.

You can’t get kicked if you’re the host and you don’t have to wait for a full crew - 2 is enough to start since first waves are easy and others will join.
That’s pretty much the same thing as what you’re looking for in matchmaking but with the added perk that you can pick the map, pick the modifiers and kick toxic players.

I can outsnipe even an engineer sentries with fahz exploding headshots. N it tends to get get kicked often. People want the kills for their killcount.

Rarely more than a couple of minutes. And you can easily start the match without full squad.

Now that JD dont run the game anymore the kicking should probably have stopped. I also find it odd that people are kicking someone for doing their role. I have truly never experienced or heard of that one before. You seem to be having bad luck with hosts.