Gears 5 Prologue

Now that we know we will be playing as JD for ATLEAST the prologue, do you think it will end with something real bad happening to JD, explaining his arm? Or will it be kept mysterious…

I highly doubt they would start at that point and get to a point where whatever happens to his arm is kept hidden but shown to the player :sweat_smile:

Something will happen for sure and we will know about it.

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We’ll know what happens to his arm, most likely at least. And they’ll probably explain why Kait as an Outsider is seemingly accepting to join up with the COG.

:joy: It could work;

-scene changes, passing merely 10 minutes, to reveal a how bald J.D. with the messed up arm-

Marcus: “What the hell happened to you?!”

J.D.: (as Andy from Little Britain) “I fell.”


And then another 10 minutes, black screen, some screaming and…

Game Over!

Good guys won, yay!

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After credits scene: Cue bald J.D. alone in what remains of the Stroud mansion with a party hat and blower. He blows it and slowly turns to the camera with a big smile and a thumbs up. :crazy_face:

Plot Twist: Everyone died. He’s hallucinating victory. :crazy_face: :joy:

I figured it out! The prologue will end with JD sticking his hand in one of those halloween mystery boxes thats actually filled with spaghetti. Well it turns out it was a swarm plot all along and the box is actually a pouncers anus! No wonder Kait wants nothing to do with him.


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I wouldn’t think JD to be the type that’s In to that.

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Well at this point who knows :joy:

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