Gears 5 problems

1.Ranking Systems - Pairs me up with people who commonly leave , dont play, or play too passive and dont help anybody. Regardless how well i perform , and i still go down in rank due to someone elses performance .
2. Tdm - tdm rules make no sense. Instead of dividing the lives between players they have it where u share lives , so one person gets to determine the outcome basically if he or she wants to troll or rage :ok_hand::+1: Maybe dividing the lives would make it less toxic and make people wanna use team work more cause there sure not doing it now , i see people who literally just watch people die and do nothing the whole round . Yet for every step forward, is two steps back due to someone else.
3. Tac com should be like gears 3. - when i use tac come , my team mates should be highlighted in red or blue . Why grey? Seems like a downgrade since gears ulitmate edition.
4. Battle pass - a battle pass doesnt make sense to me , u waste ur time with content that a select view get if they play at that time , but for anyone who misses that time , misses the rewards . Why not make unlockable Content like gears 3 where as the player ur rewarded by how much u just play , that way everyone has a chance to earn in a any time when they decide to play, u even had a season pass for gears 4 that offered no perk and literally was just money grab , what did i get besides all the maps for private play? Nothing! All maps from previous gears games and 4 maps that were the same as another 4 but with slight differences in them??.. thanks! I get why u took it out in gears 5. But u still got me extra 60 for the pass didnt u? :+1: good job coalition .
5. Campaign is butchered , way too much hunor and cornyness in world thats gritty and sad like gears is suppose to be , look at gears 1 dialogue and how simple yet how serious the tone was. Then u play gears 3 and all of a sudden its all corney humour and weak character development interactions between characters . Ur bored coalition, the innovation and passion isnt there . And by biggest campaign did u mean just more bigger open areas? Lol cause the game was short. 3 acts basically i consider because act 4 is 2 chapters only , and act 1 chapter 2 is literally just walking to complete . Act 3 was very stale and uninspiring.
6. Tour of duty and playing ai modes and quickplay no one cares about completing for metals and challenges.
7. Banners and markers changes and all the customization is pointless,
8. Way too many achievements! Yall have like 100 achievements just for horde and compelting all maps on insane , no one is doing that many hours in ur hoard mode , 360 achievements made sense, now ur just abusing them and wasting ur time creating pointless achievements more then 90 % of people to dont complete anyways . U just need ur standard ones for beating the main modes and maybe some fun easter egg ones and the collectibles and difficulties for story.
9. No beast mode 2.0 - gears 3 beast mode was better then escape mode. U just needed to change some things around . Take the time out so u can play as the monsters and there abilties without being rushed . Also instead of 12 waves of beast why not just 25 waves , make it half of horde , i woulda enjoyed trying to strategically kill the cog and heroes with team mates without getting healed after being shot at. Bring beast mode ! ! Lol