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Gears 5 Predictions

I would legit cry if cole died no homo😂 cole and Marcus personality wise have been my 2 faves since day 1…doms death Had me hurt back in the day too man …really gotta appreciate how much epic games made you feel for the original delta squad like u were there with them

Gears 5 will come out the gate hot till October then I’ll begin to lose its player base and then November will lose even more

if they do kill Cole Train they might kill off a lot of the fanbase too, Cole is a loved character

everyone expected Dom to die after GOW 2 and how he found his wife, dude was broken by it, we see how depressed he in in GOW 3 before his sacrifice

I predict there will be guns

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JD will find out he has a sister he doesn’t know about. “JD, I am your sister”

Then she proceeds to kill everyone and everything. The end.

Ever since Gears 3 campaign I’ve wanted to see this. It’d be great if that sarcastic conversation turned into reality.


  • Since that Escape screenshot that included Paduk and two common Gears like characters, I feel like there’s a female Carmine as well. Wouldn’t surprise me;
  • Return/mention of old characters that weren’t included in Gears 4. I bet we’ll see stuff related to characters like Dizzy (perhaps his twins?), Clayton quite likely;
  • I expect some form of Escape being included in Campaign;
  • At least one settlement being overrun;
  • Switching between characters. I don’t see JD going completely off screen when Dell and Kait go Tomb Raiding. I’m betting on stuff such as JD and Marcus protecting settlements;
  • Flashbacks to specific special events, like at the start of Gears 4. Maybe some (unplayable) flashbacks of New Hope Facility;
  • Campaign DLC. RAAM’s Shadow was a huge success, people were asking for DLC in Gears 4. Something Pendulum Wars related content would be excellent;
  • Classic delta survives. Marcus now seems to be fully included with Dell, JD and Kait. I don’t see a possible situation that would involve the death of Baird and Cole;
  • All previous Gears campaigns were in a way predictable: you knew that [Marcus/Baird/JD] would fight a big boss, kill it and save the day. This is actually the first time where the end is more unpredictable. I’m expecting a major cliffhanger, like Kait disappearing or taken captive, that won’t be explained until Gears 6.

Well we’ve had years to get used to them. Dell, JD and Kait are relatively new, introducing new lead characters in an old storyline is always difficult. I’ve grown used to them, even a character lacking a serious backstory and personality like Dell (I presume they’ll make up for it in Gears 5).

I agree with a lot of this! I would love to see more connections to old characters and I like all the story beats you listed.

Since Kait and Del are the more story driven exploration side of the story I’d like a few chapters as Marcus and JD with the focus on action and bigger gun fights. Like what you suggested them defending towns or maybe storming a hive.

I predict people will die.

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You just want Marcus to go after another person he cares for, don’t you? It’s quite clear him and Kait got closer between Gears 4 and 5(which I expect Ascendance will cover/explain to some degree), and I’m not sure if he’d let another person go.

Also, it’s Del, not Dell. Unless you’re purposedly writing it like that.

Thats the natural progresion of a launch…

Not this year my friend that’s why they have a September release date
The return of the 800-pound gorilla in call of duty Star wars done by respawn and of course Doom this is some hefty hefty game developers
I play escalation 4 to 5 hours a day I hear nothing but good news about game pass gears game pass will do very well but as for TC they don’t trust them very unfortunate
from what I’ve seen on escalation looks like they built that for eleague and esports not the consumer
if they spent as much time on versus matchmaking as they do on esports they would have a hit on their hand
My prediction is January February this will be a sea of thieves

Santa Oscar versus Rudolph the Kryll Covered Raamdeer would be a really cool way to just drench the franchise in muddy shart water.

After hearing the campaign is going to be “open world” I feel like TC is changing too much of the game just because they can. They may pick up some new fans with that but lose so many more.

From the reported changes and gameplay i’ve seen so far I can already tell I’m going to be playing Borderlands3 far more than Gears5.

Its not open world, open area. For example, you can explore the whole of new hope, but only when youre their.

Whoops, not sure why I keep referring to him as Dell. Should I repeat, feel free to correct me again.

I wasn’t actually referring to Marcus, I just think that a cliffhanger is a real possibility. In a way it would be quite a cliche if Marcus/JD would go and rescue Kait.

I somewhat doubt that anything will happen to Kait… at least, on the Swarm side. Have doubts anything would make her go over to them. But whether she will return to the COG after her journey is something I’m not entirely certain of.

As for what I meant with the whole Marcus thing, I do think he would want go after her first thing if something happened or she disappeared and Del was unable to find her before returning and informed the others. But whether that, and how JD chooses to go about it, is shown in 5 or 6, that’s another matter. But if Marcus chose to go out for her, he would also have the argument of the whole Locust relation not working out in favor of the humans if they ever captured Kait.

But I must mention I hate cliffhangers. Especially for a matter like this. I’d want a conclusion to this, even if it was that Kait just went off on her own completely and isolated herself from everyone, or joined another community of Outsiders. She’d probably rather kill herself than let herself be turned into some… thing by the Swarm, if they would even do that if she was captured, and unable to free herself before they did anything with her. Even if she freed herself the chances of making it out of a hive alone are… probably next to nothing.

I wouldn´t mind a cliffhanger as the ending but honestly, I fear Gears 5 will tank badly and at this point I´m already doubting whether there will really be a Gears 6. So I´m not too sure on the whole cliffhanger thing. If Gears 5 turns out to be the end of the franchise, I´d like to get atleast an ending, that is conclusive in some way.

Here are my predictions:

  • Visit New Hope (confirmed, I know)
  • Visit ruins of Nexus
  • Visit UIR lands
  • Meet Paduk (He is kinda confirmed for Escape, soo)
  • Marcus will die, probably towards the end
  • Kait get´s taken by the Swarm towards the end
  • Some big relevation regarding Imulsion. (like it being destroyed was an interference into the natural cycle etc.)
  • Revelation about Myrrahs origins and Locust origins
  • Some retconning regarding the Locust origins, I believe
  • big, unexpected revelation about the windflares
  • Seeing that the Swarm is able to create Sires (Atleast I don´t know why else they would be in Swarm hives, as seen in Escape), I think it will be revealed that the Swarm and Scions are planning to recreate the original Locust horde. So maybe we will meet actual Locust at some point in the game.
  • Swarm versions of Reavers, Corpsers, Berserkers

Well, she’s in a lot of danger. I don’t expect her to become the new leader of the Swarm but I doubt we’ll see the cliché of working towards a big boss, beat it and save the day. Since this time there’s so much more possible I’d be quite disappointed if this were the case in Gears 5. Whether it’s Kait being captured, going into exile, commit suicide or something else, it better be different than usual.

I agree about the Marcus part but I can imagine it’ll be JD taking the initiative. It would be a bit tricky to give Marcus a big role since the new saga’s main characters are Kait, JD and Del. There’s a risk of Marcus pushing the other characters aside.

Cliffhangers are absolutely terrible, which is what makes them good :slight_smile:

Well, we’ll most likely see a Gears 6 - no matter if Gears 5’s a poor game or not. With Pop! and Tactics, it’s clear that there will be a lot more Gears to come.

My humble opinion on your points:

  • Considering we’ve seen a scene where Del and Kait are most likely traveling towards Mount Kadar, this seems quite certain. The question would be: how can they visit it when the Hollows were underwater?
  • Paduk has to be as old as Hoffman. I don’t know how he fits in yet - perhaps related to some flashback story;
  • Ah, Imulsion. Kinda forgot about that - it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s related to the Windflares and other natural disasters;
  • During Gears 2, you seal the room where the Sires are being kept in stasis. Since not all were killed during that campaign and we know that Del and Kait will visit New Hope, they’ll most likely get to see them there. Correct me if I’m wrong, but Sires decent from people that progressed beyond rustlung, combined with some twisted genetic modification in New Hope. Imulsion is no longer around so it’s unlikely that Sires can be ‘remade’. Sires are probably included in Escape due to them being an enemy you encounter during campaign, the mode Escape itself won’t be storyline related - just like Horde;
  • We’ll get berserkers. What I’d like to see are Swarm Therons and Swarm Kantus.

I don´t mean the quality, I mean the sales. So far it seems there is no hype whatsoever for Gears 5. I think the game might flop commercially, but we will have to wait.

I think not all parts of the hollow are flooded. We will either visit some clean parts or there will be indeed under-water levels. Generally, those are not really good in most games but we´ll have to wait and see how they manage to do that in Gears 5. Otherwise I could imagine the Swarm having built something and drained the water somehow.

As for Paduk, well, he was in one of the Escape character screens, unless that was a fake. So it seems that he is still in fighting condition. Then again, you can see old Hoffman running around in MP despite him being in a wheelchair in the story. Same with Sirens. I thought that Hivebusters was in some way story-related, especially since there are the comics about it. If Escape is only MP and non-canon, than we might indeed see them only at New Hope. I´m kinda mad that they´ve spoiled that already. It would have been epic coming to New Hope, not knowing whether they have survived or not. As for the Sires becoming Locust, from what I understand Locust were Sire children. So I guess that they can try to use the Sires to recreate Locust.

As for Imulsion, I generally think it will come up in some way or form. For example, the Swarm shows a lot of Lambent traits. (Some Swarm exploding, orange juice, all the flesh you find in the hives, it kinda reminds me of the Stalks from 3.) After all, Imulsion was the central element of the story. Locust only existed because of Imulsion, Pendelum wars because of Imulsion, Lambent etc. I don´t think it´s gone, I think they will reveal some big stuff and that destroying Imulsion, or interfering in the cycle, will lead to unforseen consequences for the whole planet.

I´d like to see Kantus but they will probably get another role this time around, because Scions are already working as healers. I don´t think Therons would be different from Scions all that much, but I´m all for variety, so hopefully.