Gears 5 pre order

iv pre ordered ultimate edition it says it installed but it not showing on my games does anyone know why

Because it’s not released yet? You can install the whole complete game near release.

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Same, I don’t think they made a place holder for it yet. I preordered the ultimate edition but it’s not showing in my games and apps either. But it does show in my recent transactions on my Microsoft account.

Same. It downloaded something when I ordered, but it doesn’t show in installed or not installed games. I’m sure it will show eventually. Keep your receipts Gears fans. Surely this won’t be the big debacle of 2019.

I also installed the something MB. On Microsoft Store, it says “Play”. But then gives you an error, most likely because not released. It looks safe to say that I own it.

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My head hurts now

A new box has been added to the applications tab, but it is unclear what it is. i think this could be