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Gears 5 pre order characters

(Duffman GB) #21

What about legacy voice over unlocks ? Didn’t one of the cods do that ?

(III EnVii III) #22

I’ll be all over the esports in 5 I’m pretty sure :laughing:

(Slipping Flames) #23

I have no doubts about that lol.

(Slipping Flames) #24

I’ve always thought the idea of voice lines differentiation was cool.

(III EnVii III) #25

Characters seem too quiet in 4.

Really hope TC step up voice work in 5.

(ll R E D l) #26

That and I hope they bring back the win/lose voice overs from previous Gears. Its weird not hearing Hoffman/Prescott/Myrah not saying how disappointed they were when you lost

(III EnVii III) #27

Yeah, miss those.

Gears 4 is definitely lacking that “atmosphere”.

(diablo vs24) #28

They (ms store) have had exclusives in the past. It was Alex Brand for Judgement; also I’m not sure, but I think it was Adam Fenix for Gears 3.

(diablo vs24) #29

You entered codes from “Totinos” products and received JD for one, the gnasher for another, and a bounty for the third (don’t remember if there was anything else). The entry codes were printed on the outside of the packaging; so, there were probably people who didn’t actually buy anything.

(ll R E D l) #30

Adam Fenix was from the collectible version the code came on the back of a cog metal. It was actually 1 of the better collectibles released in a long time.

@III_EnVii_III My brother worked at a supermarket when Gears 4 released and would send me pics of the codes on the packages when they came in

(Duffman GB) #31

I would love a Gears 5 character released as a Gear pack in 4. I imagine that would ramp up some hype.

He/she could have some specific lines that would be intriguing but not give away any spoilers.

(cribbel) #32

The people that choose to give a company money before they’ve recived a product, should be highly rewarded by the company. They should be treated with respect and be thanked properly.
The people that pre order are going to be the first to play it, sure. But also go through the first patches and all its buggyness. Whilst all others are waiting for reviews vidoes etc to be sure on if its worth spending thier money on it.
And this goes on, to all the different stores aswell. Buy the product at our place and you will be rewarded with this. Simple.

If its a pre order skin it should stay a pre order skin. And only the people that pre ordered the product should have it. Otherwise its not a pre order skin… Then its just a time based skin and should be clearly described aswell. So that the costumer can consider the worth of pre ordering the product.

(III EnVii III) #33

Not everyone can buy the game day 1 and therefore missing out on what might be very good content isn’t the best way to approach things.

It can still be classed as Pre-Order content because you are getting the content for pre-ordering.

Any other means is just a different way to get it.

(cribbel) #34

Thats why there’s an extra deal for the people that can.

(HayMaker304) #35

I pre order games all the time from GameStop. I may not pick them up day one as “real life” gets in the way. It may be a day or 3 and sometimes up to a week after release.

I always pay in full to make sure I have my copy sitting there when I walk in.

I think you guys are getting confused on pre order vs day one players.

(III EnVii III) #36

No confusion here.

(III EnVii III) #37

Exactly, you get the content straight away & guranteed.

(HayMaker304) #38

I can understand pre order bonuses and day one bonuses.

Pre order character packs are fine with me as long as every pre order is standardized between all the retailers.

Day one bonuses are another thing. I don’t think it should be characters. It could be a bunch of packs or a specific weapon skin set.

(xFribbo) #39

I thought it was disappointing that the incentive to pre-order was to get exclusive characters, especially Zombie Dom as I could more or less play as a form of my favourite character from the start. But when they added it to a series drop, available for everyone, I regretted preordering the game, especially the ultimate edition to get the bonuses.

(III EnVii III) #40

The main thing about the Ultimate Edition was getting to play 3 days early.

Tbf most people probably aren’t even using those skins anymore.