Gears 5 pre order characters

Just a quick one guys. We all know by now that there’s going to be pre order characters with different retail stores.

I personally hate this, and I hope that Gears5 changers this from past Gears releases.

What do you guys think about this?

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What would you do?

Not pre-order the game and refuse to facilitate a crummy marketing ploy?


I have never pre orderd a game and still they do this…
Also, there’s other means of obtaining these characters, I have most of them.

I wouldn’t have different characters for different retailers.

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Ok this I agree with. Pre ordering from other stores and getting different skins is pretty bad. If you pre order from gamestop, then you should get the same exclusive as Best Buy or Walmart and vice versa.


Just what I was gonna say.
I ended up buying character codes from ebay for gears 3.
Should be one or two characters for all retailers…
I can’t think of any other game that has different pre order bonuses for certain retailers

make it universal n i have less of a problem. preferably non would be ideal.
the optimal choice for consumers is to stop the crappy trend of preorder bonus’ and let me buy the game with all content unlock able on the disk.

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This is the best option.

Or make the other characters available by easy in game quests maybe?


I also dislike the way they handle different contents from different retailers.

From past trends like in Gears 3, there only was just one pre order character I wanted. Commando Dom. The other pre order characters like Mechanic Baird, I didn’t really want it anyway. For people who want to buy or own all the pre order characters, it may be a pain and nuisance.

I’m also wondering, what if we pre ordered from Microsoft Store? Are they gonna have their own exclusive pre order character as well?

Or… there may be no pre order characters, but just weapon skins. Bonus character skins might come from getting Special or Ultimate Edition. Xbox One X Console Edition. Collector Edition. After all, I would buy a new Xbox One X anyway.

Whatever they do, I would just go ahead with it. Let’s say there’s a variant skin for Marcus, JD, Del, Kait and Fahz from different retailers. I would just go for a single character that I prefer, above the rest. So I’m sure you’d know which I’d go with then.

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I know there’s been other games that have done this. I wanna say Batman Arkham Knight had something similar and some other games just cant think of any off the top of my head. I do agree with everyone here it should be universal for all retailers. I also hope that pre orders stay exclusive.

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People will probably just pre-order the game and get the codes for the skin then return it just to get all the skins

They will most likely be Characters and like the past I’m sure they will split them across the different retailers.

Now that esports Characters are a thing, I think I’ll just go for the ones that look the nicest until the first packs are out.

Keep in mind that pretty much everything was made craftable that was pre anything. No need to worry about it next time. Buy one and wait to craft the rest.

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Yeah, I think pre-order exclusives should be timed so that you can complete the collection if that’s what you want to do at a later stage.


I hate to think how much money I wasted hunting down vintage Oscar and all the rest. Won’t happen again. Sitting on over 100k scrap now. I’ll save my money next time.

I will never say how many pizza rolls I had to eat to get zombie JD and the gnasher.

I don’t recall what that entailed but I’m also sitting on 110,000 Scrap with no interest in what’s available to scrap :sweat_smile:

I did it all for two accounts as well :grimacing:.

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I just hope eSports content gets a little more interesting too with no RNG :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::v:


I think we will see some really good content in 5.

It will be tempting, but I will resist…I think. Love me some BS though.