Gears 5 pre-order bonuses (unlocked for all accounts on single console)?

Will the Gears 5 pre-order bonuses (weapon skin and Dark Fate characters) be usable for all my accounts on my home xbox? My wife and I share a single console, but have different accounts and would like to both benefit from accessing pre-order content.

I tried contacting Microsoft to confirm if my Gears 5 pre-order bonuses (from Microsoft store) will apply to all my accounts on a single console, but they were unable to answer that. They advised contacting The Coalition, but I was unable to find a contact email.

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I’d like to know too. Technical test for household as well?

I know from Gears 4 the season pass worked on multiple accounts, so i would imagine the other stuff would work the same…

Dark fate characters are not only pre-order, if you play within the first week of the games release you will get them, as far as the skin im not sure.

only part of it worked, the maps where for all accounts but the xp and credit boost was only for the account that bought it.

Yes and no. The season pass XP and CR bonuses worked for a while. At least for me anyway. It worked on my secondary account up until January this year (2019). My secondary account got the season pass related custom skins.

Also my secondary account stopped receiving the weekly bounty packs.

Maps still work though.

I kinda wanna know too.