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Gears 5 Pre Order Bonuses ✅ Master list updated

Xbox Console = Vector Lancer Weapon Skin
Microsoft Store = Vector Lancer Weapon Skin
Gamestop = Marcus Tattoo Lancer Weapon Skin
Bestbuy = COG Air Lancer Weapon Skin
Walmart = Carmine Tattoo Lancer Weapon Skin
Amazon = NCOG Marine Lancer Weapon Skin

Other pre order news all come with codes

Gamestop = Red Crimson Lancer
Gamestop = Collector’s Edition Jack Drone
Rockstar = (6) Cans & (3) Exclusive UK Cans
Chips Ahoy = (5) different packs
Gears 5 = Ultimate Edition
Xbox One X 1TB Console - Gears 5 Limited Edition Bundle
Seagate 5TB Gears of War 5 Special Edition Game Drive
Gears 5 Armor Limited Edition - Xbox Pro Charging Stand
** SDCC 2019 Gears 5 Collectors Ammo Tin with Exclusive and Download Code**
1/12 scale Marcus Fenix & Vintage Armor Marcus Fenix featuring interchangeable head sculpts and weapons. Pre-order @Gamestop
Razer Goliathus Extended Chroma Gaming Mat
Mamba Wireless Mouse
Turret Wireless Keyboard for Xbox
Huntsman Optical Gaming Keyboard with Chroma
Thresher Headset for Xbox



And I am sure, one way or another, you will get all of those.


Keep in mind all preorder exclusives became craftable after year one for Gears 4.


this was cute back on the 360… seeing it today… I can’t believe they still do this… knowing people will buy multiple copies for a 1$ skin… for bragging rights. congrats how did you achieve it?

they usually give away these things out like candy later on…

these lancer skins should be legendary unlocks… but thats to difficult to do…


Got any pics of the skins?

They will probably have much cooler looking skins after a year anyway those pre order ones are lame


I put 2 pictures up bestbuy & amazon don’t have a picture up yet

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For me, it’s either Animated skins or bust. Unless they are the Phantom skins.


Bring back some of the J ones

Exactly! I mean, who actually notices some of the more subtle ones? You can barely tell the difference while playing. The pace of the game is pretty fast and most people don’t notice anything beyond the colour.

I always admire the smoke puff action on a gnasher right before I’m gibbed.

In all fairness, Horde players get to admire each other’s weapon skins much more than MP action will ever allow.


Console. Just pointing it out so that you can make your post the best it can be.

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Thank god they all suck so I don’t have to make a decision


That’s why I’m a Horde player. The world is my catwalk. Ain’t no wallbouncer gonna hold this princess back!


I hate pre order bonuses and exclusives, Rockstar are doing the cans also for G5
if Totinos or whatever do skins too its G4 all over again :frowning:



Basically have to decide if your to want to play on 9-6 or wait 4 days and play on the 10th.

I bet in those 4 days I can be level 7 and prestige twice lol

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New Update : more pictures added

When will the rockstar cans be available?

That’s my guy!!