Gears 5 Pre-Install issue

So when I go to the new xbox beta app and search up gears 5. It only lets me pre-install the standard edition (september 9th) and not the ultimate edition (september 5th) even tho I have the Game Pass Ulitimate. it even shows when clicking my own profile that I have game pass ultimate which I got day 1.

The early release is 3 weeks away, is it even available for predownload at this point? The game just went Gold a week ago.

yeah it shows pre-install on the normal version.

What I mean is that its appearance on the app you’re using may be an error or a glitch, which would explain why the UE isn’t showing the same way.

I could be wrong, but I think it is too early for preloads and in my experience a developer usually comes out and mentions when the preload is available. Unless I missed it, TC have not said anything about it yet.

that pre-install is a 10MB placeholder, when the full pre-install comes out im sure we will know

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oh alright