Gears 5. Possible return of the Scorcher?

I was playing Gears 5 Escape mode and encountered this picture. While the scions were killing my teammates. Will the devs or ryan cleven see this. This is not fake by the way.


Its definitely real, been posted here once or twice before :wink:

My guess is that the scorcher may have existed at some point in development and for whatever reason the freezing kills are using that symbol (maybe TC switched from and “Ice scorcher” to the Cryo Cannon".


Hoping it does Op,and members.It would help me for sure☺️

i think this was a development holdover from past games that made it into 5(by mistake). pretty sure that was mentioned on one of the streams

after seeing how poor the post launch effort has been in Gear 5 I do not expect new weapons to make it into the game at this point


I was using the Scorcher on Old Town and Blood Drive (G3) this evening, still has one of the great executions. :wink:


Many thanks for the info,

Thanks man. Can you send me the link to the stream

it was a while ago I have no idea what one.

it was after OP2 so good luck scrubbing all those to find it

Hope it returns

I wish TC would publish their dev streams on youtube with timestamps. Would make it so much easier to find information.


And subtitles too.

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Overkill is way to op needs to go i rather play against sawed off shotgun . no idea why there isnt a one shot. sniper ink grenades hammer of dawn or even mortar… Was the best weapon for stompin campers

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