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Gears 5 Population

Looks like theres more people on the forums than in the game to match with haha


There’s probably more people awkwardly standing in my local Chinese takeaway.


Usually people while working are in these forums , once they get home they start playing Gears.

Its impossible to be playing the game all the time. We must work.


Yup. I’m here everyday reading and sometimes posting, but haven’t been on the game for more than 30 Mins in 2 weeks. After I finished the TOD and most medals I got bored. I gave every part of the game a chance and put in a lot of hours. I will hopefully return to it if Operation 2 is enticing enough. They already put me off showing me a pick of Bald Baird in the new What’s Up. Guess I have to wait anther year like in GOW 4 to get my Classic Baird with Hair.


Probably not that accurate. Pretty sure when gamers get home they play much better games than Gears 5. I bought a PS4 on Sunday and I am sucked in on the uncharted series right now. I totally prefer that over Gears 5. I also put in a lot of time on Borderlands 3 and finally 100% the achievement list. I want to get more achievements for this game but I just don’t feel like playing it right now. Might be that way for a while too.


That’s cos Chinese food is nicer than GOW.


For reals bro.

3 screens at work. One is for the Forum :slight_smile:


Hey Tony,

And there are some of us. Like myself, who just love Gears. Maybe not 5 so much, but Gears in general. So with that, ill continue to play 5 until 6 comes out.

Also, off the wall question. Does B3 have a Mature Content setting turn off feature? Like for Language and such?


Hi Tony how’s everything going ?

Yes I agree , however I wanted to sound solidary to the GOW franchise, but yes there are other games like Tetris, Chess or Contra man… I do play those a lot and are good games… Im planning also to play Subnautica I was told that its a great game :slight_smile:

I’ve played those, there are good games… Im planning to try Devil may cry 5 .

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Unless you are in the xcloud beta like myself, then you can play it anywhere lol… Hell I had less ping on the app than I did in game :rofl: granted I had one game at 80 ping but hosted a game and had 8-10 ping

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Hi @HeavenlyXInglex

I haven’t get a chance to check that out about project X-cloud I’ve heard that is available in certain zones , but Mexico its not one of them… however If I have the chance I will try it out , it sounds interesting man.

I must say that even if it works ( which I’m sure it will do) I honestly will stick with the console and tv relationship of playing the games… I don’t find myself much to play outside my home.

But again its sounds fun if you have the internet speed to putt that off = ) LOL

I’m round my sister’s house a lot babysitting so I can’t take my console, but just being able to connect a controller to my phone and play a game or 2,means I get my gears fix even when I’m not at home. It’s still laggy as it is still a beta but on a 5 Ghz WiFi connection it plays quite smooth. Took a bit to get used to the smaller screen.

But I agree, I wouldn’t use the app if I was at home


In such scenarios man, definetely x-cloud really outshines since it does allows you to play a game wouldn’t matter where you at. .so its cool man .

Great that is working with you, Once it arrives in Mexico Ill give it a try and see what happens. :slight_smile:


As far as I can tell all you needed to do was sign up to the beta on the website and the game streaming app is already available, you just need to sign into an account that as been accepted into the beta.

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Idk i find new people and games easy i love gears 5 getin better …


I’m being sarcastic🤭

I know work really has a negative impact on my gears!



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Shoot I honestly dont know man. I never took the time to go through the options menu.

Right on,

Yea thats a reason why I like the Gears games as they have that feature to turn those off so I can play it with my son. So I have to be careful on games as this is a small setting to some, but a huge one for myself.

Any who, if you happen to find out, could you let me know? As I played the crud outa the first Borderlands. But then kid happend, so yea.

Thanks for the reply though. Appreciate it.

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