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Gears 5 please include Ranked Leaderboards


(BlackHavvkk) #1

Can we please get leaderboards for ranked games in gears of war 5 they had them in the beginning of gears 4 then remove them I don’t know why it gives you something to work towards I was top 10 on Gears 2 and 3 top 200 in gears 1 it keeps me playing the game and grinding to move up on the leaderboards it’s one part of many I love about the first three games mark gears 5 leaderboards like gears 1 where you can see all stats see your friends place on the leaderboards

(TheDeuterostome) #2

I don’t remember there ever being ranked leaderboards in gears 4.

(BlackHavvkk) #3

They had leaderboards in the very beginning of the game when it came out but then removed it


Beta version?

(Me0wMix CatFood) #5

It’s weird the they don’t have it for ranked, but have it for social (lol). Maybe to protect the rep of esports players? I can’t figure out a sensible reason for omitting it.

Though I personally don’t care about my stats, I think it makes sense to include ranked leaderboards in G5 ranked.

(Admire Vanity) #6

Like some have mentioned, I don’t recall any leaderboards in the beginning or really at all. Leaderboards would definitely be better than ranks. It really feels like there’s no reason to continue playing. Not going up after winning 5 games in a row gets boring

(III EnVii III) #7

I think leaderboards should exist and maybe be able to filter it down to Ranks as well.

So you can choose to see only Diamond players or only Onyx players or only Gold or maybe a mix.

Leaderboards overall are normally the ones that can play the most but having a filter system for things like Matches won, rounds won, highest K/D, looking at who tops the Diamond charts and so on is also interesting.