Gears 5 please hear me out!

Guys please hear me out on this one… the rag doll effects when gibbing with the gnasher was really good in gears of war 2 please go back to the gibbing physics for the gnasher gibbing in gears 2… please really look into it and give my idea some attention. If you spend enough time gibbing with the gnasher in gears of war 2 you will know what I mean… this may seem very knit picky and very particular but please trust me guys just look into it. rag doll physics are important in a pvp shooter it makes u feel more rewarded for your skills and makes your kills feel and look more flashy… and gears of war 2 gibbing physics was way ahead of its time still isn’t anything like it. Let me express this as well… when gears of war 3 came out I was really heart broken that the rag doll physics from gnasher gibbing were not like gears 2 anymore! completely changed and ruined! At least you guys have made it look better with 4 and 5 however it’s still not like gow2 gib rag doll effects PERFECT ION! PLEASE give it some consideration for future roadmaps PLEASE!! Thank u for your time everyone! I love gears!!


Rag doll? You’re trolling, right?


iMAGINE @GB6_Kazuya playing horde on 5 while listening to this !!!


He isn’t talking about the smokes.

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I know, but still.

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Please stop being the grammar police if you don’t understand what I mean then just ■■■■■■ ask no one asked for ur rude ■■■ remark… then he says “I know but still” bro get lost if u have nothin polite to say foh

That was an innocent joke in regards to the fact that rag doll physics were very infamous on Gears 2 due to the smoke grenades being able to knock you over. It wasn’t what you meant, but it’s what “rag doll” reminded me of. There was nothing offensive in that either. Lighten up.

Now, your response…

To call me the “Grammar Police” would imply that I was criticising your spelling and/or punctuation. I clearly wasn’t, so you obviously don’t understand the point of my original post.

Considering you’ve brought unnecessary vulgarity into this discussion, it’s ironic for you to call me “rude”.

Yes. Allow me to break down and simplify my 4 word sentence:

”I know” - States that I am well aware of your original intended point.

”, but still.” - Further acknowledges your intended point while still keeping my dislike for the rag doll physics as a result of Gears of War 2 smoke grenades.

I don’t feel the urge to pour monstrous amounts of politeness into this thread either, especially now considering your aggressive response.

Good talk.

Doesn’t it still ragdoll if you turn off gore?

It’s not the same effects within the physics as it was then. Let me try and explain. The way a characters body dropped in pvp when you get in gib range was more immersive in gears 2. Like when you would two piece someone for example. Not to be mistaken with the rag doll physics when someone simply got stunned that is something different. Specifically the gibbing rag doll effects is what I talk about in this post. If you turn off gore there is no gibbing… and message to kazuya… Suppose I was wrong and misjudged your tone when I read it.Your approach came off as uncalled for to me bro sorry but either way cheers man I wish you well. Your not the grammar police clearly because you would have pointed out xy and z I get it. Cheers no hard feelings sorry for flipping out we can agree to disagree all good all love. I liked the gibbing physics of gears 2 the best maybe that’s more to the point.