Gears 5 players teaming up on FFA ranking

Is there a way I can post a clip on here or is it just Pictures? I tried to get the whole thing but my xbox record that was giving me issues. I had two players that did not shoot each other at all and they double teamed me. I captured one of them in the clip and the guy that picks me up as a meat shield teamed up on me, missing the other guy on purpose.

You can’t post videos here, you can only link them from other websites. The obvious one is YouTube, but if you saved it on your Xbox you can link it from

Regardless, it’d be relatively pointless to go down the path of trying to report them as it’s technically not officially against the rules. It’s a Free for Fall, kill everything but anything goes. It’s very seldom that this happens as well.

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Dang, so there is no point of reporting in that matter then

I wouldn’t recommend it.