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Gears 5 players leave to play Gears of War 4 so TC shut down servers to make every room lag

Gears 5 players leave to play Gears of War 4 so TC shut down servers to make every room lag

WOW TC are so petty they go back and ruin old games to try and get the population back up on a game no one wants to play.

Every single match on gears of war 4 now is stuck playing with a disgusting level of lag and a minimum ping of about 58 with about 2-4 players on 120-500 ping sprinkled in to ruin the game and make it unplayable.

Good work TC Merry Christmas you filthy animals,


Don’t know where you been the last 2 years sounds like the same gears 4 I remember. East coast playing people with 200 ping from god knows where. Nothing has changed at all. Don’t know what people are always on about gears 4 connections and lag compensation was always atrocious


I’m not telling anybody that this is ok, but lots of companies do this. Apple is actually notorious for it. I wish I remembered the details of this story better but the gist is that as Apple was really becoming what they have become, they let go one of their big innovators because he made products that lasted TOO long. Also, I’m in real estate and there are certain kinds of heating systems that last like sixty years, but because of that the company that makes them went out of business because they never needed to be replaced. I know those are conjecture things that I can’t source but my point is that this is not new. Companies have been doing this forever.


Show me proof


GameOver Rob is right.
From a few days to here the pings of most of the players went up.
In my case since I started playing Gears 4 I had a modest but comfortable ping from 40 to 60, but now I go from 90 to 110.
It’s disgusting what TC is doing to push players into a game that is bleeding to death.

I’ve said it here on several occasions: I’d rather go to other games before I go to that pile of manure they call Gears 5.


My iPhone X is still going strong years later. I have friends with older iPhones with no issues either. And yes I’m fully aware of those performance downgrades to “save battery” but beyond that I can’t find an issue.

I also don’t believe they’re degrading the experience of Gears 4 in terms of stability. The game was always a mess and still is.

[quote=“Aquiles_WARS, post:5, topic:37920, full:true”]
GameOver Rob is right.
From a few days to here the pings of most of the players went up.
In my case since I started playing Gears 4 I had a modest but comfortable ping from 40 to 60, but now I go from 90 to 110.
It’s disgusting what TC is doing to push players into a game that is bleeding to death.[/quote]

I’m no defender of The Coalition but I don’t see that as server degradation. The player base is much smaller than before so you’re likely connecting to a further out server.

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You don’t defend them, but you do justify them.
I don’t know if the base of players is smaller, and that doesn’t matter unless the minorities have less value… the only thing I know is that they have damaged the ping of most players.
In addition to the fact that they have also broken the rank system, it is increasingly evident, and disgusting, as they have sabotaged Gears 4.

I don’t even justify them. You could ask pretty much anyone that knows me. I rip them a new ■■■ on the daily.

But that doesn’t mean I’m going to be unreasonable and accuse them of things they didn’t do. The majority of what you describe sounds like a population issue. Of course it could be something else though.

Because we all know that they denied removing voting for a map even though they did, lol.

Okay, I’ll give you that one.
But, the fewer people the servers become saturated and / or do not supply?
What shouldn’t be the other way around?

On the other hand, my position as a player, and buyer, is that they have degraded the gaming experience with Gears 4 for a few weeks now.

If you have fewer players that means less populated servers. When you search for a match it may be placing it on a server that’s further away which would explain the higher pings.

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Wouldn’t you still connect to the sever that is relevant to you though? I am in the west coast and I always got central servers, which I always found odd as there is a west coast server but I very rarely got that.

Lets be real though it is more then likely that TC is doing something to gears 4. First it was the maps and then they destroyed the ranking system.

I was happy to keep playing 4 but once all this started I just went on to other games and now I am actually happy lol.

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Not necessarily.

Matchmaking will attempt to place you but if there isn’t a game available it’ll move you to the next server. I can see varying pings in both 4/5 from 5ms-70ms within the USA.

I would have killed for a 5 ping ha ha.

Maybe as the game is pretty much over they are just using less servers? Just a thought, as they use dedicated servers and they still must have an upkeep cost each month so they just drop the number for 4.

Its sad to say but gears is over for me. Gears 5 pushed fortnite to hard on to me so I went and played that and wow it has got me hooked really bad ha ha.

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i can’t speak to the current state of Gears 4, as i haven’t played since 5 came out. My thing on Apple though, admittedly is based on my own experience and what I hear others say. I had an iMac desktop that last me a long time, however ultimately ■■■■ the bed when several of my programs required the snow leopard OS (or whichever cat it was) yet my computer always stated insufficient memory for said download…even though I had the available space. I forget EXACTLY how it happened but that was the gist, in order to achieve something I was required to download something, however the downloading of that something was impossible due to changes made to my OS on Apple’s end. Same thing happened with my first Iphone, I couldn’t download any updates because the updates, having been designed for new phones were (in my mind) intentionally made the exceed the ability of the current iphones, forcing people to upgrade.

Again, that’s just my interpretation of my own experience, and it was several years ago so I don’t remember exactly exactly exactly how it went down. FWIW my current iphone, which I’ve had just over two years, is going strong.

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GOW4 probably just seems laggier and worse than it did before since you’re now used to the smoothness and responsiveness of the Gears 5 60 tick servers.

I’ve noticed this to over the last few days. I was almost always a comfortable 40-60 ping before (with the occasional outlier). Now I’m 100-120 always. Here in Seattle.

Basically you’re talking about the shutdown of several servers, which is still unfortunate.
It is curious how this shutdown came about when more and more people were leaving Gears 5 and returning to 4.

That’s called programmed obsolence.
It would be reasonable for that to happen with Gears 4 if it had come out 6 or 8 years ago, but please! the game came out just 3 years ago.

Didn’t they say they were going to switch off gears 4 servers around Christmas? (Can’t remember exactly, my heads a bit fuzzy this morning :joy:)

I’ve got to say I disagree with the shrinking player base comments, if anything Gears of War 4 has increased in population since Gears 5.

The pings have been fine for months too, with my average ping in games as little as a week ago being between 13-25.

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A friend of mine lives in Australia. The only way he can get into a game on either 4 OR 5 is to join me and have me search. Even when he gets 4 fellow Australians in a group to search, they never find a match.

That really bytes as that has effectively made Grind Season impossible for them.

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