Gears 5 Player Numbers Hitting All Time Lows Across The Board

A lot of people on these boards were saying that once operation 2 dropped that Gears 5 would recover, gain a lot of players back and jump up the play charts. And I’d just like to say, all of you who said that, were dead wrong! As I knew you would be!

Before anyone starts with the predictable defensive corporate fanboy rhetoric… let me just say that I wanted this game to succeed. Any of you who have seen me on the forums know that I have been very critical of Microsoft’s handling of the franchise in particular, but also TC’s role in things. It brings me no joy to see the franchise in the state it is in or the state it was released in or to see it’s numbers bottoming out in popularity. I just hope that TC and Microsoft will take note of these player numbers and try harder to make this game better or to make Gears 6 a game for the players.

I myself have only played Gears 5 twice since the beginning of November and I refuse to even try again until they disable some of absurd micro transactions in this game, but that’s only one of a plethora of issues this game faces in winning back players. And the player numbers are certainly reflecting that many players feel the same way.

Gears 5 is currently in it’s lowest position yet on Xbox most played games
Landing at 39th place, it honestly might drop out of the top 50 before Summer. OUCH.

As far as game streaming services go… lmao… well those numbers are so embarrassing that all of TC should hang their heads in shame.

For a Triple A title that is a primarily online focused multiplayer game, dropping out of the top 50 in the first year is practically unheard of, but this game has no staying power because TC and Microsoft botched everything about it. OUCH

Getting beat by games like
Smite (2015) OUCH
Warframe (2014) OUCH
HALO 5 (2015) OUCH
Battlefield V (2018) OUCH
Fallout 4 (2015) OUCH
Black Ops 3 (2012) and Black Ops 4 (2018) DOUBLE OUCH

EVEN FALLOUT 76 is doing better than this game! TRIPLE OUCH.

This is what happens when corporate greed drives a title’s development and release and the fans are left in the dust of it’s disappointment. Of course the fans are gonna leave in droves when you try to make them pay money for characters and skins that used to be free in every other game.

Of course fans are gonna leave in droves when you release a game with barely any maps. Of course fans are gonna leave in droves when you release a game that’s still in beta but you tell your fans it’s the full release.

Of course your fans are gonna leave in droves when they bring up the dozens of issues this game had upon release and no one from the company responds to or acknowledges any of them for over two months! Personally I was suspended twice because of their crappy servers! Contacted TC because that’s what they said to do and they never even responded! When I bought COD and had an issue, their customer service got back to me the SAME DAY.

They tried to turn Gears 5 into a Fortnite inspired grind- a- thon. Only instead of offering what fortnite offers, a season pass of 100 plus items for 10.00, TC and Microsoft want you to pay that amount for one character! INSANE. We already paid 50-60 for the f***** game at release!

I love Gears but everyone at TC deserves this failure and they deserve every bit of criticism that has come their way. STILL NOT PLAYING UNTIL THEY FIX THIS GAME FOR REAL AND STOP CHARGING PEOPLE INSANE AMOUNTS OF MONEY FOR CONTENT THAT WAS ALWAYS FREE.

Bang up job TC, you really knocked this one out of the park… but in reality … it was more like a poorly placed bunt that slowly rolls into foul territory. The only people left playing are the delusional fan boys that are wishing on hope that this game will somehow get better.



It’s gona get better braaaaah lol

Like, the 2weeks before 6 comes out it’ll have loads of content, great new maps and game types and perfectly tuned balance across the board and will be hailed as the last great bastion of gears after they screw 6 up.

Jus gota be patient bro, this game will shine for the fortnite it was meant to (be) :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I’ll admit, this is where I stopped reading. Honestly, what is TC supposed to do if the majority of the community is too ignorant to even try the game after TU’s and see if it’s trending in the right direction? To highlight on the point of this quoted paragraph, you haven’t been back to play, so you may not have noticed that many of the items in the store have dropped in price rather drastically. If you’re waiting for them to remove store items all together, my only advise is to find a hobby other than gaming, because these are in all current games, and simply represent the future of the industry.

You, like many other in this community seem to have this false narrative of TC not caring or addressing issues, It’s just patently false at this point. Weekly status updates, timelines and future plans, frequent TU’s… Nobody is obligated to love this game, if you don’t like it for the many design choices… that entirely fine. But people constantly complaining about TC being absent… find a different excuse for hating this game, because that one no longer holds water.


Smite and Warframe are F2P


This game can keep getting low numbers in every mode.
Doesn’t matter to me. I’ll keep playing cause I’m a fan with its flaws or not.


@Azoth_Solar I play because I enjoy playing KOTH… Not b/c im a character collector. Not b/c I’m a “fanboy”. But b/c I’m older and can’t compete athletically on the field anymore and still enjoy competition.
The large majority of people didn’t pay 50-60 dollars for the game. They paid 3 dollars for 3 months of gamepass ultimate. And if still playing are paying a 15.00 monthly fee for ultimate now. Which goes to a lot of titles. Not just to Gears.
I’m not a “fanboy” by any stretch. I do understand that the economic environment of a. AAA multiplayer game has changed drastically since Gears 1,2 and 3. It is well documented why Epic decided not to move forward with the franchise. The expense of making a game like this that wasn’t a “live service” game, was a risk that far outweighed the reward. It was going to be difficult to break.even when they were solely depending strictly on physical sales of the game. If the sales #'s werent astronomical it would have put them out of business. Tim Sweeney isnt dumb. He didnt let go of Gears just b/c. If it was going to be massively profitable, no way in hell Epic sells the I.p.
People for whatever reason just can’t understand that what they as consumers are demanding and exoecting now from graphics to online multiplayer incredibly expensive. Gears primary focus early in its inception was the campaign. Now its multiplayer…People still think that paying a one time price for a game is somehow enough to cover the recurring cost of building out, maintaining, and operating a GLOBAL NETWORK while still expecting to receive a constant flow of free content and updates. How long has Gears 4 been out? How many people have played that game daily/weekly for years? Are they playing locally on their gaming device running a campaign, or are they using TC and Microsoft’s Gobal network everyday? Once a game has been released and it has its influx of sales, more likely than not the sales dwindle and then pretty much stop at a certain point once its market of customers has been tapped. But now, fans will play this game for years…until the next one drops. The amount of money it takes to keep the network operating for years is astronomical. Plus, people have to be paid to do all the dev work. All the salaries are expensive. People have to eat and shelter themselves. Plus, Gears is in a very odd space money wise being a gamepass game. Your point of all this up front money isnt valid. A very small percentage paid up front. Large percentage didn’t. And, since it’s a Microsoft exclusive, Gears misses out on a massive player base from Playstation and Nintendo. Its base of players to pool from is small to begin with.
Bottom line is that in today’s market, different monetization is required now to keep a game going. I would say its actually the “fanboys” that still think they should still get everything and the kitchen sink included. Do I think 5 has been perfect…No…far from it. Launch was bad. But the Mtx stuff is necessary. I want the multiplayer games I enjoy to stick around. But it takes money to do it. I actually like the store. If I like something, I buy it. If I don’t, I don’t. I also like the TOD. Here is the real skinny. You don’t have to purchase anything if you don’t want to. It doesn’t change the way you perform. Its all cosmetic. Respawns Jedi game doesn’t have mtx…know why? No multiplayer.
I understand that sometimes change is difficult. But sometimes you have to adaot to survive. I’m 100% sure that if you give TC your spreadsheet that lays out how to be profitable while keeping an online multiplayer up and running for montbs and years, all while keeping it constantly updated with free new content every couple of months without using microtransactions and catering to a very small pool of potential players, they would be more than happy to implement it. One day, when the game is gone b/c people couldnt wrap their heads around the actual expense of keeping this game alive, they will miss it. But then again they will have Fort nite and its $10.00 battle pass.


Cue the defensive, corporate fanboys! Right on cue, So predictable.


That sir, is an ad-hominem


What a weak, pathetic, and useless rebuttal.
Instead of taking the time to counter any of my statements with thought and logic, you once again resort to more of the tired buzz terms that are littered in your original post.
Speaking of your original post, it’s outdated, just like your understanding of this current video game industry. It just reads as so shockingly out of touch with reality that I doubt anyone could say anything to change your stubborn and partially unwarranted opinion. Honest question, is Gears the ONLY game you have played in the last 2 years? Its absurd that people have to keep explaining this, but here we go…

Video games have cost $60 for nearly 25 years now. However, the price of making videos games has went up about 10-15 times more than it did back then. News flash, developers with games published by major companies like Sony, Microsoft, EA and Activision don’t make games for charity. They make games that make their publishers money. Then when they report profits, they get more money from their publisher and they get to stay open and collect paychecks. This is known as BUSINESS. Lets just face it, you aren’t really mad about micro-transactions, you are mad that a game you love isn’t stoking the same excitement it used to for you, so you are trying to justify your anger with a BS excuses.

I have no reason to be blindly loyal to TC, just as much as you have no reason to base your excuse of not liking this game so strongly on the character and weapons skins offered in it. Unless your going to type more than one sentence, don’t even waste your time replying to me. In the off chance that you do want to have a healthy conversation about the things we seem to disagree on, a good place to start would be the things that are actually making players leave this game.

  • The worst AAA launch I’ve experienced this generation
  • A campaign that launched riddled with bugs and broken achievements
  • Design ideas that miss the mark, like a hero system that slows the release of new characters and can make Horde feel disjointed.
  • A ranking system that seemingly noone at TC can figure out.
  • Constantly changing mechanics that make it impossible for players who only play once or twice a week to stay competitive.

All valid complaints, yet in your OP 3/4 of your comments are about them charging for store items. Have a dose of reality my friend. Games are getting more and more difficult to make, there are going to be more and more bugs. All while simultaneously requiring more and more post launch support. Devs are going to try to make money any way they can, and games are going to have issues, THIS IS THE STATE OF MODERN GAMING. NOT a Coalition issue.


Slight fix here. Replace Devs with “Publishers”


I wish Microsoft would just stop showing the ‘most popular’ games on xbox. The most popular game shouldn’t influence you. It would prevent many of these posts. The only people that should care about these numbers are the developers. Honestly, this giant spew is all speculation. No one really knows the daily population of the game and trends except TC.

What is the point of posting if people who disagree with you will automatically be labeled a predictable defensive corporate fanboy ?

Gears can leave the top 50, I would still continue to play, as long as I’m having fun.

I do agree with other post. Many people say “this game sucks, I uninstalled it months ago” yet there have been multiple updates to dramatically improve the game. Doesn’t make sense to me.

Streaming services should not be used to determine player count/popularity. Some games are incredibly fun to watch. Others are much more fun to play and not so much to watch. This is just my opinion though.


Shame on the coalition for wanting to be profitable. People act like TC doesnt want the game to be successful. Its their passionn project. The thing that kills me is that people refuse to even try to understand why things were changed at the launch of 5. The Coalition wanted to bring new players to the game. The learning curve is so steep. They can’t rely on the same people to carry the torch forever. They need new players. They have to monetize. They don’t make video games just for the fun of it. Their is massive pressure on them to succeed since their boss, who is Their owner, who is also their publisher just happens to be Microsoft. Microsoft has put the onus on them to be a system seller. But to act like TC doesn’t care about the game just b/c things are/were done that aren’t how “you” wanted it is a little childish. None of this makes me a “fanboy”. It makes me a realist who understands that if Iwant the game to stay around, I might have to “give a little”. I don’t think the game is perfect. Far far from it. But Their is more at play here than just my feelings. The game has improved in many many ways. TC is constantky updating and tweaking. If you are unwilling to try the game again, you lose a lot of credibility if you wont even give it a chance. Is it perfect? No…better? Yes…
Just as @I_TRS_GEAR_I said, games are way more ecpensive, and peoples standards and expectations are sky high. The environment of gaming is not what it was 10 years ago. We all wamt more and more. Expect more and more…yet some wanna say that we should get all that for the same price of games 3 generations ago. Roll with it. Or open a business yourself. Then you might understand.


wow man … I think you have said it all man @Azoth_Solar on much of your writing I do agree fully. however the part where you said:

I think thats not on point. were not desilusional, we just have drinking problems, gambling problems at LAS VEGAS, or we just hang around here doing stand-up comedy while discussing topics like Networking, SO, Databases, Azure Servers and Amazon Cloud…

But overall we’re not desilusional we’re fully AWARE the game didn’t delivered the promises expected.

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What if MS is counting the forum population as “current players” :joy:


that wouldn’t surprise me, at this point in time I think MS are giving it a thought that we’re very happy with the game and they are doing a fantastic job.

when that is not true… if we compare the forums on ORI AND THE WILL OF THE WISPS , you’ll see that playerbase are very happy with the final product , so happy that they are willing to give money so the franchise could continue with more games.

I never understood that, I don’t understand why many people on this forum always post “gears is no.## on xbox” and I see them always getting closed by Ghost.

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Couldn’t agree more. I used to play gears 2 3 and 4 for hours every night. I’ve been an adult that entire time, working 40 to 60 hour weeks, and still have some of those old school players I met in those games as friends. Gears5… I haven’t played 3 matches since getting general for TOD2, with no boost that wasn’t free.
It just isn’t the game that it used to be. The microtransactions aren’t a huge turnoff but ffs if you’re going to sell stuff, SELL FULL FKN SETS OF SKINS. it’s ridiculous to sell 3 to 5 of a set and forget the rest, that’s just lazy.
I’ve actually bought division 1 and 2 because they were on sale for 25 bucks, and it’s far from my favorite type of game style, but it’s certainly entertaining me more that g5 has.

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Games dead, re up 20 .I’m out r.i.p gears of war.

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These corporate fanboys need a theme song that starts to play every time they start defending corporate greed while whining and justifying why over monetization is “the future of gaming”. lmao. Hilarious. Good stuff guys. The corporate shills all love “fans” like you. But your deluded rationalizations can’t save this game! Maybe you guys could get a job doing PR for TC though! I bet they’re accepting applications after this mess of a game.



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