Gears 5 Play it at 9:30 pm 9/5 West Cost 12.01 am 9/6 US East Coast


Most of you vets may already know this, but as an older new gamer I just learned this. I pretty much use Game stop by my house. They know me and are very helpful to lets say the more mature looking players …smile…yes i am olddddddddddddd

One of the gals in there is very helpful. i was doing a warranty exchange on my controllers. I was checking on the game and the special edition console i ordered. yes i ordered both and i have game pass as well…long story.

So she informed me that game stop has game release night. so if you pre-ordered the game you can come in at 6:00 pm west coast time on 9/5. pay for the game and at 9:00 pm pick it up. This is midnight east coast time so essentially it meets release date criteria. This means a west coast player can actually play at lets say 9:30 pm by the time you get home gears 5 on 9/5.

Just thought i pass this along

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just because you get and install the game doesn’t mean you’ll actually be able to PLAY it… They need to activate the servers…

This probably is done to allow people to pre-install/pre-download ahead of time, just it was with the tech test… so when the “launch” happens, you start playing then… You aren’t just hitting “download” on a 150GB file, haha

but if they did activate the servers on east cost time. then you could be playing on the 5th west cost time?

I’m from east coast and my gamestop is releasing it at 9est time as well and the servers are already live there are some people main and big streamers who already have the game

It’s available on September 5th at 6:00pm pacific time for me.


5th is when you can get the game, 6th is when you can start playing it, that’s how I understand it

I’ve played new games hours before the actual release date when I preordered them. I’m assuming it will be the same for Gears 5.

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I thought ultimate had the other cover?

Ultimate Edition

Standard Edition

thanks guess i had it back words…

East coast we will be able to play it at 9pm 9/5


Yea, I linked the twitter post about it the other day:


This has changed, TC are now doing a ‘soft launch’ so, at least digitally, the game will be available at 9PM on the 5th in each time zone.

Ah, ok, well that means same time for me in ET.

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I’m in Ireland,and the Xbox store says available 5th Sept at 9pm. Sweet!

Its 9pm in each large region, so America will all unlock at the same time regardless of timezone,

The tweet @XtraTrstrL has linked above is correct.

I double checked my store and it is still 8:30pm in my timezone (which is a half hour behind the Australian standard time)

The more I read about it, the more confused I get. :thinking:

So for the moment, I’m think it’s 9:00 pm or 21:00 in everyone’s own timezone. Except yours. So that means people across the world, start at different times.

Unless something’s changed.

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I start 2 hours after NZ, USA starts 14 hours after me (regardless of which USA timezone they are in).

Yes I get this is confusing as in its an inbetween of a global launch and specific set time in everyones own timezone.

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This is all confusing man.
What I want to know is at what time I can download the game, It’s more than 80 Gb, so I’m gonna need time to download it,but nowhere does it say at what time we can…

According to this post Pre Load confirmed for August - Most likely Tuesday the 27th its speculated that tomorrow we can pre download. if not tomorrow this week since Rod stated the pre-download is this month

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