Gears 5 - Play anywhere

Anyone know if the Steam version of the game will feature the play anywhere perk? With GoW4 I bought through windows store and was able to also play on xbox using the same license, but I dont know if that will also be a thing with the Steam version.

TC have yet to announce full details about the Steam Version.

Hopefully news will come before the tech test but if not, it will most likely be clarified before launch.

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The Steam version requires an Xbox Live account, so Xbox Live will know you own the game, which I assume means it will work.

Except it’s on a completely different storefront. Microsoft would be giving access to people downloading things for free from Steam, and that doesn’t sound like something Valve would want.

I have a strange feeling steam users will be shafted in one way or another

If Microsoft wants their games to sell on Steam, they need to appeal to the Steam userbase. With not as much about it being announced yet that we’d like, we can only hope the only thing Steam won’t get is Play Anywhere access.

Well, I dunno about it working on Steam if you buy it on Winstore or X1, but if you buy it on Steam, it should work on Xbox, with the linked Live Account that’s required.

Why would a game you buy on Steam be available for a free download on Xbox? You are required to have a Live account in order to play on Steam, but that doesn’t mean you get a copy of the game on the other platforms.

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Unless they’ve got a new system setup in the background, it’s most-likely gonna be considered an owned game on the Xbox Store the moment you buy it on Steam with a linked Live Account.

Hope you right but highly doubt it.