Gears 5 Ping needs improvement

Is there something that can be done about the Ping? Every game is above 60. How can I make a honest evaluation of this game when I can’t properly time “cat and mouse” engagements with the Gnasher or Properly time Sniper vs Sniper battles?

Every time I get in a Sniper battle I get my head shot off before even seeing my opponent aim and then watch the kill cam and see something completely different than he saw.

I get killed with the gnasher because my opponent is actually a 1/2 second ahead or behind where he actually is. I get killed when I’m already around the damn corner!

This is the most frustrating thing for me with gears 5 and I need answers on if this is going to be fixed soon. Otherwise I will put the game away until it’s fixed.

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Ping is already on their to do list.

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They’ve been working on ping for a bit now.

They’ve been working on server stability for a while now but not ping, unless something’s changed in the last 24 hours

They did a tweet about them working and balancing the ping earlier today.

Oh dang really? That’s actually great to hear.

EDIT: Yep just looked at their Twitter. 2 hours ago

This should be 1st on the do do list. Without good ping the whole VS experience crumbles. Please provide the link to the post where they said it is being worked on.

Just look up TC’s page

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Played tonight for a few hours with friends. Ping felt a lot better but didn’t read better. Experience was fun. Lots of lancer play and gnasher play. Addicting.