GEARS 5 Personal Thoughts. LESS = MORE. Your Opinions?

My post keep getting deleted and I’ll keep reposting it. This post is meant to start conversation between real Gears players. I dont need TC to see it cause to be quite frank they aren’t going to care much for my opinion.

I’m just gonna give my brutally honest opinions and whether or not you agree we can talk about it below. Gears 5 thus far is an okay Gears experience but in all honesty you can tell they spit in the face of true Gears fans to provide a game more accessible to Esports scrubs and noobies. I play A LOT of Gears it’s honestly my main game to play and this just feels wrong. From adding hit Markers and Killcams, Change in the Gnasher shell capacity as well as its damage, to the downgraded movements when compared to Gears 4 cause wall bouncing is a tragedy in this game. I feel like I’m playing third person CoD and that’s exactly what Gears Judgment was and we all know about Judgment🤦‍♂️. Even escalation took a turn for the worse with the new Escalation 2.0 that’s in all honesty boring as someone who loved Gears 4 Escalation but once again these are just my opinions.Theyve added all these things in the hope itll bring new fans but it’s honestly at the cost of their original fans. SOMETIMES LESS IS MORE… But I digress. Just wish they would stop catering to the opinions of Esports players and catered to the people who actually play the game for fun. If this is what Gears 5 versus gameplay will be like during actual release then this is hands down the worst of the 5 numbered games. As far as multiplayer goes.

I disagree with everything you just wrote.

Congrats now say something about the game…? :man_facepalming:

What are Esports scrubs? Are they by any chance those noobs we see all the time having matches on live!?

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