Gears 5 permission problems

more pc issues, cant reply to my last thread so i have to start another.

basically i keep getting system errors when trying to launch gears 5 through the xbox app or the shortcut.
figured i would go to file location which i have full control for and try and launch the exe file but it tells me this ‘Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permission to access the item’ .

I am an admin, i have full control over the windows app folder untill i get to the gears 5 exe security and then thats where it gets a bit strange.

I reinstalled this game yesterday because i was getting the memory error GW513 and now i think that is sorted but come today i get this.

not really acceptable for a AAA game…if you can call it that, any help would be great, cheers

Entirety of xbox live has been having this problem over the weekend. Single player, multiplayer, pvp games have all been having issues with “people not owning” the game theyre trying to play.

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Oh really, if that’s the case then thank the lord. I’m assuming that is still on going then?

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As of a tweet 2 hours ago they are still investigating it.

Thanks, I just had a quick Google of it and now I’m going to show myself to the door for being a bit harsh towards gears… Again

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