Gears 5 performance after the update

Before the update, the game worked sooo much better than it does now (for me, not some of my friends). I play on pc, have a top end pc averaging like 200-220 fps, and now I don’t go past 130. In game benchmark shows an average of 100 fps when it used to be 140-145fps.
It happened once to me 2 months ago, I submited a ticket to the Coalition with no answer so far, and only way to fix it was doing a windows fresh install. EVERY OTHER GAME WORKS JUST FINE.
Any idea what to do to fix this somehow not having to wipe down everything (again)?

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On the last update, a friend who plays on PC noticed FPS drops and upon closer inspection, he found some new graphical settings that were turned ON by default.

Maybe something changed? A setting previously off went on? TC is know by creating two new bugs every time they crush an old one.


New things like contact shadows are new and can be real fps killers. Check the settings.

No matter if is low or ultra, the game runs bad, I sent tickets with all the info they ask like dxdiag, log file generated by game and videos showing how bad runs, they simply ignore it, and my PC isn’t low end, GTX 1070 and Ryzen 5 3600, 16 GB RAM DDR4 3200 MHz, instead they fix issue that almost nobody noticed or useless fixes. People with RTX 3000 series GPU have the same issues and FPS drops, stuttering.
I play on Steam version btw.


Same here, I get shuttering in versus, checked all my settings and that’s not the problem.
My system: RTX 3070, 16 gb RAM and a 8600k.

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Same here.

2080ti w/ i7 8700K and I’m getting a lot of stuttering and lower FPS than before. It doesn’t even matter if I lower my settings as my FPS barely changes.

Stutters don’t actually trigger a dip in my FPS counters though. But it basically freezes or drops to what feels like less than 20FPS randomly and basically every match.

Why is Gears the one game that can’t figure out how to keep Nvidia cards consistently problem free?

yeah guys, last time it happened to me, I “fixed” it, doing a windows fresh install. Every other game runs smoothly and really good. I have a rtx 3080 paired with i9 9900k, so no hardware issues here. GPU usage doesn’t go up to 99% as in any other game, it stays between 60 and 90, with heavy drops which results in fps drops. I submitted a ticket to TC (that’s what they always say, “Submit a ticket, we’re on it, we’ll pass it along bla bla bla…” december 4th and no answer so far