Gears 5 PC Will Not Launch

I have been having an issue with getting Gears 5 to launch on my PC. Everytime I try to start it, I see the initial loading box, it goes into the opening credit movie and then the loading screen after that it completely crashes. When I try to launch it again after this I get a dialogue pop up “microsoft store package dependency installer” and after clicking yes it says “This app cannot open. Check the windows store for more info.” When in the store it says that the app ran into an issue and to reinstall. It jumps up to all of the last MB up of the recent update and then says complete, but continues this same cycle endlessly.

I have been scouring the forums and reddit and tried all sorts of fixes; cleared Microsoft Store cache, reset the Store, uninstall and reinstall, pressing the 3 dots button and telling it to remotely install on my computer, disabling anything that can create an overlay (FPS counter), disabling antivirus (Avast and Antimalwarebytes). I was able to get it working last week , able to actually play some matches, adjust all the settings again and run the benchmark on it, but today the issue pops back up.

Does anyone have any new ideas or an actual long term fix for this issue?


If you have Overclocked settings reset them to default. I had this problem until I reset my OC and the game started launching up again.

I let my computer run all night to reinstall again, and this morning I turned off ASUS GPU Tweak from OC my GPU and so far seems fine. Does the game really not handle a GPU overclock at all?

Recently I’ve had the same problem, It’s only been recently as I’ve always overclocked my GPU when playing.

I’d recommend overclocking slowly and see what you can get away with

I have my GPU overlocked and haven’t run into that issue yet (fingers crossed).

Well I tested it that day and it was working with no issues without the GPU overclocking. Gave it a few days between runs and its happened again. No overclocking, no overlays. nothing and it will just crash on the loading screen after the initial logo movie. WIndows store just says that the app encountered a problem and to reinstall it.