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Gears 5 Pc Update Loop

Not sure if i’m going to be able to get any help for this as my google sleuthing has come up with nothing.

However I have not been able to play the game on PC for the past 2 days (after having no issues before that).

I am able to launch the game once, then it tells me the game is not up to date and forces me to exist and the microsoft store starts to redownload all 60GB of the game.

And to make it even more frustrating I only get about a third of my standard download speed from the microsoft store. so it takes 2 hours to download everytime, and it doesn’t even work once its done.

Anyone else stuck in an update loop on PC? is there light at the end of this tunnel?

Anyone else even having this problem out here?

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I have not had the same issue as you however I’m experiencing all sorts of errors when trying to launch the game. I have to literally restart my pc to get the game running. I’ve had various errors which I probably need to screen shot and send to devs. I fear it’s a compatibility issues with Windows 10 etc and the MS store that’s causing the issues though so. TC will probably point me to Microsoft

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You’re not alone. Keep filling bug reports until they fix it


Welp it turns out the windows store was downloading the wrong version for whatever reason.

I was able to fix it by installing the wrong version, uninstalling it completely and re downloading it from the microsoft store.

Version 1.1.64 is the correct version but somehow it can still download the old version 1.1.62.

Hopefully this kinda crap is fixed in the future, why windows why.

It’s such a drain on your time when all you want to do is play the game. I really don’t fancy filling tickets out etc when I have maybe a couple of hours free game time. Gaming industry is. Getting worse every game I’ve bought recently seems to need me to test and bug report errors for it.

After the last update on September 13th, my frame rate on GTx 1080ti dropped from 70-80 fps to 25-30 in 4k. It was absolutely working fine before that. Please update as soon as possible fix this issue.