Gears 5 PC - terrible view distance


I’m runing on Intel Core i9-12900K, RTX 3080Ti on ultra settings in 1440p. Graphic is nice but view distance/LOD of characters is terrible, is there a way how to increase details on characters?

You might be able to find something in the GeForce Experience settings but do not quote me on that. I’ve seen people use FreeCam with it though for Gears so I imagine you can do some cool stuff with it. Lastly Gears PC ports have always been pretty poorly optimized/not great so its no surprise quality doesn’t meet PC standards.

Ultimate Edition aside, the PC ports of 4 and 5 were hailed as technical marvels at the time of release. The problem is that as bugs arose over time through content updates and newer driver/hardware releases, the PC ports always lagged far behind the console versions when it came time for platform-specific fixes.

TC has an issue with long-term support in general. As a studio, there modus operandi is to abandon old games the moment they start working on something new.

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