Gears 5 PC not utilizing GPU in game

Pretty much title. Anyone else having this issue right now? Posts from 2 weeks ago matched what was happening to me, but not much info on a definite fix. It seems Gears is not prioritizing the GPU in game. In task manager the usage won’t really even go above 10%. Every other game I play is butter smooth, except PUBG which occasionally crashes (that’s PUBG though).

My specs:
16GB 3200 Dual channel RAM

I’ve tried:
Wiping drivers with DDU and reinstalling.
Reinstalling Gears 5
Changing in game settings to use GPU
Lowering all settings to low

I really hope TC is aware of these PC issues.

There is an option to toggle that to your GPU specifically.

Yes… which I stated I tried already.

Whoops sorry, I misread. That is strange that it is not using the GPU do you have integrated graphics?

Okay this is gonna sound crazy, but I found the issue in my case. Not sure if others have this same problem, but the stuttering and fps drops were coming from having my Xbox one controller connected to my PCwith bluetooth. No other game does this. I decided to try playing Mouse and Keyboard and funny enough, my frames almost immediately picked back up to 180-200fps. I plugged my controller in using USB and the issue is gone, so it seems like bluetooth is bugging my game out! Really hope this helps someone having the same frustrating issue.

If anyone still suffers this problem turn off hpet with cmd. It solves nearly all of the fps problems in gears 5.