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Gears 5 PC input lag.... bad port?

Gears 5 on PC doesn´t run smooth at all. For starters the game is locked at 60 fps which although it is not ideal I can handle but there is a lot of input lag, freezes up quite frequently for one second and also I´m experiencing screen tearing.
That being said, that only applies to PC users since I´ve seen videos and talked to a few friends about it running it on Xbox One and it runs like a charm.
Is it a bad port? Can we expect a smoother experience for PC users? The game really feels sloopy due to this factors, it really doesn´t feel it is running at 60fps more like 15fps. You can definitely feel how choppy it is.
Hopefully this can be revised for a better experience.

One thing I´m happy about is the anticheat system. Hopefully we also get ping locked servers and regular Dsync can be fixed.

Anybody else going through this?

Thanks and keep the good work,

The game isn’t locked at 60 fps on PC. Did you not turn V-Sync off in the Video settings? Or do you have the frames limited to 60 fps in the Video settings?

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when i start to play game everything was ok and i play about 2h but next day i play the game i had ghrafic lag during the game until now and i dont know how fix this problem it make me angry anybody have solution for this?

my ghraphic card is 1080ti
i test with vsync ON and OFF