Gears 5 PC Freezing Intermittently

So once every hour, maybe once every 2 or 3 games, my Gears 5 will have a weird freeze in multiplayer, HARD LAG, and like 10 seconds later I come back fine and I’m somewhere totally different on the map. I don’t know if people can kill me or not when I’m lag spiking like this. I’ve noticed that on my other monitor all my other programs kind of refresh when this happens, maybe it has something to do with the explorer.exe process… Before, I would have this freeze and sometimes it would end in BSOD’s because of AMD ReLive and other shadow recording programs, but now i have that and MSI afterburner off, I dont crash anymore, but this lag spike still happens, Maybe this has something to do with my GPU? I will reseat it and see what happens… anyone know what this could be? GPU Drivers all up to date