Gears 5 PC fps drops OP7

Hello TC, since operation 7 after the update, there were significant drops in the game, from playing at a stable 150 fps, it gives me jerks from 30 fps to 60 fps, and it is impossible to play. Do you have any news on this subject, I am not the only one who happens this. All the best

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*Incoming angry mob that keeps complaining about crossplay


This has been a issue since day one, the chances of it being fixed are zero.



Oh poor you. Imagine playing on 30-60 fps like every Xbox one and Xbox one x player in existence.


drops down to 30 or less is a problem regardless of what system you are on. personally if it dropped down to 30 for me i would just cap at 30 so its at least consistent which i had to do when the game first came out since my pc struggled with it …

but 150 fps down to 30 fps lol thats insane inconsistency

check to see if your Graphic settings in the game have been reset

check to see if you have VSYNC on

check and see if it isnt an over heating issue . You may need to Can Air your PC Fans.

Check and see if your GPU needs an update.

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Everywhere or on Ephyra ? The new maps tend to be more hardware intensive.
I personally haven’t noticed any changes aside that.

Lol yeah ik. I’m jk