Gears 5 PC for Steam just like the best parts Halo PC

I created this topic because I wanted to discuss about why it would be worth giving the 5th part of Gears of War on Steam as they should go the best part of Halo PC on Steam.
Firstly, there are 5 part to the Windows Store not worth recharging because the remake of the first part of Gears of War: Ultimate Edition on the Multiplayer PC version is already dead evidence of this is the movie

Secondly, since The Coalition introduced a feature for console players blocking playing with PC players ranked matches in the 4th part of Gears of War is also difficult to find any ranking match since then because most console players have just blocked the possibility of playing ranked matches against PC players by often the PC player is waiting for any match of the ages (half an hour or even an hour and so happens and after such a time he will not find a ranked match anyway).

So in my opinion, if the console players do not want to play with PC players, there is no need to load 5 parts again to the Windows Store just like Halo PC to give 5 part Gears also on Steam, because giving another part of Gears to the Windows Store will be the same tragedy for PC players in Multiplayer mode how it is with Gears of War: Ultimate Edition on PC and 4 parts on PC, for sure 5 Gears part will bring more players on PC than giving it to Windows Store

I can only hope it comes to Steam.

Halo MCC being on the MS store and Steam is just a huge win win for everyone.

Maybe then Gears can finally hold a decent playerbase.

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Probably not Gears 5, not at launch anyways.

Microsoft has ported some of its games like Sunset Overdrive and Quantum Break, and those happened after a few years. They’d much rather you buy their products off of their store, so, if this becomes the norm, Microsoft will place some timed exclusivity on their games before they become available anywhere else.

Given recent events, Gears on Steam is looks much more probable, but chances are it won’t be a for a few more years.

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it is a possibility and I hope it happens.

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Won’t happen because of Play Anywhere, Microsoft would sell 2 differents SKU on two stores: one on Steam with MAYBE cross-play and no cross-buy, the other one with cross-buy and cross-play.

I can’t see them doing it, but I’d sure like it. Along with an anti cheat, driver compatibility, you know, stuff normal games have.

What the games needs without a shadow of doubt for it to stay relevant on PC, especially if there’s no Crossplay.

I’m glad we have everything else like UltraWide Support, FOV Slider, FPS Caps and so on …

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Yep, too good to be true. That’s why The Coalition added crashes on Pascal GPU, we wouldn’t complain otherwise!

You can be crash free on 382.53 …

Plot twist, Microsoft signs a exclusivity deal to put the PC version of Gears 5 on the EPIC store.

People keep saying they want EPIC to get involved with Gears again…

It won’t happen.

But if it were, nope. No buy for me.

I don’t see why this would be an issue.

You just download from the EGS instead …

I think there’s a good chance that at least Gears Tactics might make it to Steam.