Gears 5 (PC) File system error (-2143322101)

File system error (-2143322101).
Help fix this issue please cant lunch game comes up with that Error!!

Plus there was a windows update last night might have corrupt my game :frowning:

PS: This is not a double post!!

Not sure why you are specifically mentioning me here

The above link is where you should go for support, though they do currently have a very high volume of tickets.

was just getting ur attention lol cause i see u deleting loads of posts!

I havent ever deleted a single post, but if you want to get my attention tag me

its such a pain i just got reup 1 last night nw cnt load up my game with this garbage Error :frowning:

Whats tag me? im old skool haha

Use the @ then type someones tag, like @HondaForeva

Back to Xbox one X at slow 60fps its horrible 144fps so much better i hope someone finds a fix for this soon!!

having the same exact issue

Hello i have a similar problem, could you please help me


it happens to me with several applications.

Is Msinfo:!Al-nca2YdMq2jAeM85-ScJQXRrLB?e=IQsdxY

Reviving this thread to say that this error seems to be caused when your Game Pass subscription is out of date