Gears 5 PC crashing

I got the infamous GW502 yesterday during a horde game. First time it has happened to me since launch.

It happened again when I restarted the game, so I rebooted my pc, then it worked.

I reduced my crashes majorly by reducing my cpu overclock from 4.6ghz to 4.4ghz. I went from crashing multiple times a day to no crashes in weeks (aside from that GW502 yesterday).

Hope this helps someone.

  • Intel i7-4790k @4.4GHZ
  • 20GB DDR 3 @1833MHZ
  • EVGA RTX 2060 XC Ultra @2025MHZ
  • 4k Acer Monitor with Freesync
  • 500gb SSD
  • 4TB 7200RPM HDD (x 2)
  • Nvidia driver 436.30

How many people have the game installed on a HDD? I moved it to my SSD and boom…all is good.

Ryzen 1600 / RX5700XT… I get crash to desktop during single player campaign when I was on the second or third level.

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Some people will get random in-game crashes that are maybe overclock dependent or come and go with updates or re-installs or just changing something else.

But with experience you will start to notice the difference between random things and something repeatable

For a lot of us we get the same crash symptom with 10xx cards only with 436.30 and only on Gears 5 and although it might go away for a day or two, its not “fixed”, and worse NV and TC are doing not enough to help


I have Ryzen 3600/Radeon RX5700., was able to play game till 2 weeks back. Now after launching the game when I click campaign or benchmark or anything the game freezes and windows task manager shows as game not responding.

I have all the latest windows and graphics driver update.


I did the same but still crashes, even if I close the game and be on desktop, it freezes Windows forcing me to hard reboot.

I’m sharing my post

On the Twitter accounts




But If I’m the only dude who do it, is impossible to make a difference and I’ll be ignored.
Posting and posting the issues here is also useless.

I’m with you on that.
This is the worse game I’ve ever seen coding wise.
For me, it’s unplayable. I can play from 1 minute to 4 minutes randomly since getting to act 3 and maybe since last update.
I’ve done all, reinstall windows 10, reset BIOS, reset everything to default, remove sound card, the game is STILL crashing randomly.
Anyway, a company is worth what its customer service is, in this case 0.
Not one answer to our concern.

P.S also, it’s the only game on my RIG that’s causing problem, Every other game run great, even GoW 4 !

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I have no crashes on other games or other apps on any Nv driver.

With Gears 5 on 10xx card its 100% repeatable on 436.30 or above (freeze and video lost on COG splash screen)

I accept games launch with bugs - but this is a fatal crash still there after a month and no mention in official release notes

NV are only interested in RTX games and selling new cards with ray-tracing etc - and all the game websites dare not make a fuss on our behalf either


mine doesn’t crash but the framerates go as low as 3-4 fps when on multiplayer, have the latest driver on a gtx 1070, not always but i’ve seen it twice today…

I have the same problem since ACT 3: Some Assembly. FPS drops rapidly and computer locks up. ACT I and II works perfectly fine.

Make social pressure is the answer. Even I’m sharing (spamming if you want) my Post explaining the issues, sharing It on Twitter accounts of Rod Fergusson, Phil Spencer and TCOctus, Do the same as Batman Arkham Knight issues when the players didn’t shut up until the game was barely fixed, is funny how that Batman Arkham Knight doesn’t cause freezes, crashes or bsod, I almost finished It the achievements, It only stutters randomly but doesn’t causes BSOD. But the game magazines and press are quiet with Gears 5. Shameful.

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Hi. Try in xbox app, turn to offline mode, in profile-options-general-offline permissions. It works for me :smiley:


Got same problem, it happens constantly multiplayer when i press x to get out from kill cam,
Core i7 8700k
Gtx 1660 ti
16 GB ram

gears 5 pc crashing problem solve
just go game setting and reduce the quality to low
game did not crash
please replay if you also slove this issue

thank you
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I’m at the end of act 3, the game was working perfectly until yesterday. Now when it finishes loading the game runs at 0.1fps and i have to wait like 3 minutes just to get a single new frame on screen. And then my computer freezes forcing me to pull the power out to restart it.
I have an i5 4690k , gtx 9604gb and 20gb of ddr3 ram.

rx 590
intel xeon w3690
well for me the game run smooth on ultra 100 avr fps until i play versus or ranked (the only modes ive tried) for lets say 15 minutes (sometimes much more) and then the game stop responding mostly in the stage right after loading map and synchronizing connection on the validating match. it stays on this screen with audio. and in the task manager gears 5 not responding and i end task.
also sometimes the sound glitch to a zzz sound. (external sound card focusrite) so i uplug and plug back the usb cable and soung go back to normal.
at the moment im suspended from matchmaking due to the quitting
pleaz post fixes

Did you manage to fix it yet?

CPU: I7-9750 2.6 ghz
GPU: Geforce GTX 1660 TI
Graphics Driver: 441.66

Game is unplayable. I’m being booted in horde mode within 5 minutes of joining any match.

Work here bro, thanks.
I created a topic about it, and put your tip there.