Gears 5 PC crashing

I haven’t seen many threads of people complain about crashes on PC. I’m not talking about server, I mean crash to desktop. Can only get about 30 minutes in. Crashed in the middle of escape, wave 22 on horde, in the middle of a versus match. I’ve exited all programs and am not overclocking, temps are cool. I don’t crash on my Xbox one X but I want to enjoy this 2080Ti. I’m updated to the latest drivers. Are other PC playing dealing with this??

Literally as I type this at the main menu it crashed…

I’ve exited off every program I don’t know what could be interfearing with this game


I have the same problem. Crashes every 10-15 minutes, no error message. The event log shows application hang.


You are not alone, happens to me as well only when playing multiplayer or coop campaign.

If I’m playing Solo everything works perfect, but if it’s coop, 10-15 crash to desktop no error message, nothing.

Same for Horde, Versus and Escape


I play on the original XBox One, and my XBox shutoff twice yesterday while playing Horde mode.

If it helps i fixed the crashing uninstalling the tempo\idt audio drivers
now i get bsod and i can’t get past the first level wtf


2700x, 1070 on Win10. heavy stutters everyone once and a while and infrequent crashing for me.

Games got some serious bugs on PC.

same here

Running a gtx 1070 here. Game was smooth mostly till act 3. Ive started it and whenever i try to play campaign it starts fine and gradually degrades for next 1 or so minute eventually freezing the whole pc. Only thing that works is a hard reboot of the pc. Weirdly versus horde and escape works fine. On latest nvidia driver.


Try the 382.53 temporallly Nvidia will release their “ready to play” drivers soon and that may FINALLY fix the crashes

I am having the same issues… (Sapphire Pulse Radeon RX 580 4 Go)

I have reinstalled the game, I have installed the lastest AMD Drivers (clean install), latest audio drivers, latest Windows updates.


The game was fine up until act 4 chapter 2 during the Kraken fight, where it crashes my PC.

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From what I can see it happens on a wide sort of hardware,

CPU: i7 9700K/R7 2700X
GPU: GTX 1070/RTX 2080 Ti/RX 580
RAM: 16Gb 3200mhz/?? /??
Storage: 1TB SSD/??
Network: Ethernet/???

Could you guys post your setup?

Since I have reinstalled windows and played the game as clean as possible (literally only Gears 5 installed on a fresh W10 install) I’m thinking it has to do with something specific to our hardware like RAM Timings or maybe Realtek driver version for network/audio


i7 4770
32G ram
2 tb 840 evo
latest geforce driver

Finished the tutorial aaaand crash to desktop with a 502 = gfx card stopped responding.

In theory the 502 error will be fixed by new Nvidia drivers supposed to be out there today, Give it a try,
driver version is 436.30

Sorry, that was geforce experience version … I am already on 436.30.
I can get past bootcamp but that is it … any attempt at going at the campaign == 502.
Btw I am a gamer and have a ton of other games that I have no issues with.

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^^ cool filter

I feel you, not even the infamous Metro Exodus gave me so many headaches as Gears 5…right now G5 is unplayable for me.

Have you tried disabling any OSD including Xbox Game Bar??

No change :’(

Just go to nvidia and get there 27th driver back installed and wala but make sure u report all these issues to nvidia and coalition

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I had the same issue, fixed it unistalling some recent updates of Windows :S

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