Gears 5 PC crash "GPU has stopped responding"

Have any of my fellow PC players experienced an in-game crash back to the desktop with a “fatal error” described as “GPU stopped responding?” I updated my NVIDIA GeForce drivers just now and am going to attempt to play again after I reboot. Just curious if anyone else has had this issue to deal with.


Yes, this happened to me once when I was playing the game on my first startup. I haven’t encounter that error since then .

Yes it had a known issue that will hopefully be resolved when Nvidia releases their gameready drivers on the 10th

It wouldn’t be Gears without an Nvidia/Gears issue.


Happening to me too. About 5 crashes in an hour. Giving up till the driver.

Happening to me too…been trying for the past hour but haven’t been able to actually play more than 5 minutes.
Actually played only once, it crashed during the cinematics the other times.

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Happens here too…

Still happening here. Having downloaded the game ready driver

Have the same issue. Gears 5 = DODO

Having the issue now as well. Was good for over a week, but it is popping up now on the latest driver.

If the problem is a crash or loss of video output when loading the game or returning to menu and you have 436.30 driver then revert to 436.15 for 10xx cards until a new release is available.

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same issue. gtx1060 laptop.

no fix yet? Just gotta keep rebooting the damn computer?

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some people around the forums have suggested reverting to the August 27th driver 436.15 (clean install).

i’ll be trying this out when i get home today.

I reverted to 436.15 driver, and changed to windowed.
Win 10 home 64 bit
nVidia 1060
running medium settings
Finally didn’t crash.
Before trying that, I tried reinstalling Steam and Gears, reinstalling the latest nvidia driver, and also did a re-install of windows (reinstalling steam, gears, and nvidia drivers as well)

currently running on 441.41, fresh windows installation, played all the way to the boss fight at the end of Chapter 2 with everything on ultra @1440p, unlimited FPS. (1080 Ti + 7700K)

the game crashed during the cutscene that’s right after the boss and transitions the game into Chapter 3.
lowered settings to medium/low, killed the boss again and got into Chapter 3. I’ve got the graphics back up to ultra, still stable so far.