Gears 5 PC crash Fix!

I found the fix that stopped my game from crashing multiple times and in multiple different ways from frozen screen, 501-502 error code, graphics card error etc…. I underclocked, overclocked and even reset all pc settings to test and it did nothing. The problem that I found had to do with the sound settings. I noticed that the Elgato sound device was set to a default for my sounds and I could not set any other device as default so I turned off the game capture sound and it fixed my issue and I have been playing nonstop for a week with no crashes and I’m still able to record with my elgato 4k capture card and still capture the sound. Even before I had my capture card I had the issue of gears crashing and I never thought it had to do with elgato sound device. By disabling the capture sound I’m able to play gears 5 with no problems and even play state of decay 2 again without it crashing. I hope this helps anyone in that predicament and if not just keep messing with the sound settings.

Running a Rtx 2080 with Ryzen 7 2700x 32gb ram